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Thursday, May 5, 2016

PSRK Dept. of Corrections Covering Up Early Release Recidivism Rates

So....the PSRK must be the safest state in the nation, since we have the ever increasing  unconstitutional/intolerable acts of "common sense gun safety" in place, right? Oh, not so fast. While the evil gun owners of the state have been placed in check, the criminals have been literally allowed to run free. You see, by using moral equivalence, we peaceable gun owners were all held responsible for what took place at Sandy Hook, because that was easy. Keeping criminals, especially violent ones, locked up is hard. So, Emperor Dannel I came up with his Second Chance Society, also known as "Early Release" and began letting violent criminals out of prison. As the following web links show, it is a very flawed system.

Meriden Store Owner Killed in Robbery

See the smirking piece of shit Frankie "The Razor" Resto's Arraignment

The criminal coddling liberals that pollute state government at all levels did away with the death penalty, so instead of frying in Ol' Sparky, we have to pay three hots and a cot for this vermin until he's dies a feeble old man. Unless someone on the inside can hand out some prison style justice and waste this mofo.

53 Year Sentence Handed Down in Meriden Murder

Here's another example.

Early Release Criminal Robs Bank

Recently, because of the inherent flaws in such a program, Emperor Dannel I has "fixed" his pet project with Second Chance 2.0  Unfortunately, as we all know you cannot polish a turd, and now it has been revealed that the Department of Corrections is hiding the recidivism report. Of course, with the recent budget deficits, cuts were made to the state Freedom of Information Commission. Good luck getting that report to ever see the light of day. The following is a scan from last night's Journal Inquirer with an opinion by former state senator Len Suzio, who has been an outspoken critic of this program since it's inception.

Journal Inquirer Opinion by Len Suzio

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