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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

OMG! Is This Nut For Real? Oh Yes...Unfortunately So.

From a letter to the editor of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Click on the text to read the whole stupid thing.

On April 5th, Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, spoke to the initiative about Missouri gun violence spikes since our state repealed firearm background checks in 2007. And recently, retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, 96, came to campus and talked about his landmark dissenting opinion on the misinterpretation of our Second Amendment. We learned that we do not all have the right to a gun. It’s not 1791 anymore, and we are now one of the most violent countries on earth.

This woman is convinced it is Washington University's "Gun Free Death Zone" policy that keeps her safe in the little bubble of academic utopia she lives in. That if we could just expand that bubble to cover the entire city of St. Louis, (then the state of Missouri, and of course, finally the nation) we would all be safe from "gun violence". NONSENSE! This is just more unrealistic tripe from people who live in the unrealistic world of academia. Does she really think the bad guys are going to care or participate in her little fantasy?

I contend exactly the opposite; that my home, my town, and the "bubble" surrounding me while I am carrying is indeed the safest place for anyone to be. Except for potential bad guys, of course. I wonder, would this nutty bitch ever sit down and talk to that mother of three from Georgia from 2013? You remember the one; hiding in the upstairs crawl space with the kids, hubby on the phone, police on their way, intruder in the house, and he finds them hiding. She empties the gun into the bad guy and saves her family. Unfortunately for society, the bad guy survived, but the family was saved. Or how about me? Potential intruder beating on my front door at 1:00 AM Christmas morning 2012. He left very quickly when he saw through the window I was armed and pissed. Good thing too, because when I called 911 and requested a state trooper, I was told they were busy with weather related fender benders. There is no record of my "use" of a firearm to defend my home, just a state police log entry and recording of my phone call that says nothing about my being armed.

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  1. After awhile, all the Libtard blather gets lost in the background noise.
    I'm to the point where I don't care WHAT "laws" you pass. Even if you repeal the 2A, you're NOT repealing Natural or God's Laws, where I get my RIGHTS (not laws, or privileges, or bureaucratic authorization) to self defense against any and all invaders, INCLUDING those hiding behind a uniform and "Color of Law".

    WWNC - We Will Not Comply.

    B Woodman