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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I Have Been Warning About This......

That the unconstitutional/intolerable acts (aka gun control) was not going to be held in check by the PSRK's borders.

Emperor Dannel I to Spread His Gun Control Poison

Along with recently elected Hartford mayor Luke Bronin (who like Rahm Emanuel in Chicago blames the guns for the shootings in his city, not the criminals) they think their gun control is doing wonders. Except for a couple of annoying facts:

1). Hartford is currently the murder capitol of New England. My small rural town has very high gun ownership, yet no annual murder rate. I guarantee it is not due to gun control, and I know many people that also carry ALL the time. While there is a shooting range in my town, it belongs to a small private club. So, most people shoot on their own property, and the sound of gunfire is not unusual on the weekends all over town.

2). What about that Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance those unconstitutional/intolerable acts have spawned? Best estimates are 85% non-compliance here in the PSRK.

3). The only "aggressive enforcement" we've seen have been of idiots and criminals. The state is scared shitless to try and enforce the 2013 laws against suspected gun owners that were once law-abiding, and are now known as "peaceable gun owners." The body count on both sides would be intolerable.

With Emperor Dannel I's "Second Chance Society" and proposed "Second Chance 2.0" even the repeat offenders are out on the streets and armed as soon as they are out. But the real problem is guys like me.....that carry defensively, not offensively.

I'll get rid of mine as soon as Emperor Dannel I gives up his PSRK State Police security detail....meaning NEVER!

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