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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy Commie Day

That's right, today's the day when commie dictators around the world show off their military hardware and legions of goose-stepping minions ready to die for the "Dear Leader." I like to be reminded of the good old days, when the sayings, "Better Dead Than Red" or "Kill a commie for Mommy" were spoken by people that thought America was the greatest country ever. Nowadays, being a commie is cool, as evidenced by groups like Occupy Wall Street, the global warming/change /disruption freaks, or anyone attending college.

I celebrated today by going to a gun show in Sturbridge, MA., and being surrounded by polite, like-minded Patriots, exercising true liberty and freedom the American way. Afterwards, a stop at Yankee Spirits to re-stock on inexpensive and tax free adult beverages. I'll take $12.99 per 12-pack of Sam Adams any time I can. In the PSRK, that same 12 pack may go for $17.99 plus sales tax. We have state minimum pricing for alcohol and a confiscatory sales tax on top of that, so living close to the border definitely makes it worth my while. Oh yeah....did I mention the additional tank of gas, car load of groceries, and dinner out when we go up there? The PSRK can SUCK IT!

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