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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Effects of An Extreme Minimum Wage

I listen to conservative talk radio from 9AM to 9PM Monday through Friday as often as I can. It starts with either Jim Vicevich on "Sound Off Connecticut" locally on AM 1080 or CBS on-line if I am able to, or Glenn Beck if I can't. Rush from noon to 3, Hannity from 3 to 6, and "The Great One" Mark Levin from 6 to 9. During all of these shows lately, I have been hearing an advertisement for a franchise opportunity for a frozen yogurt dispensing "robot". The ad tells how great they are; no big store footprint, long lines of customers, runs 24/7, put them in high foot traffic areas, etc. Here's another advantage I just thought of, but isn't stated......NO EMPLOYEES MAKING A MANDATORY $15/HOUR! See, back in the old days, my dear wife as a teenager worked at Carvel Ice Cream, making minimum wage of $3.37/hour or maybe a little more. She also worked at Caldor department store at the same time, probably making about the same amount of money. Since she was still in high school and lived at home, she was on her parents medical insurance (because she was still really a child in the classic sense), so of course she had no employer benefits. These kinds of jobs were NEVER meant to be careers for people trying to raise a family. But that's exactly what the libtards want us all to believe.

Here's what I believe in......FREE MARKET FORCES. No one is going to pay $12 for a Whopper, and I doubt the fast food industry is just going to commit collective suicide. Nope, those pimply faced young people are just going to go bye-bye without ever seeing $15/hour. Instead we'll be seeing these self -service ordering kiosks. While this has been talked about for a couple of years, Wendy's is apparently moving forward with this soon. It never ceases to amaze me, how when gubmint mandates something that is going to have an adverse effect on the bottom line, they think the corporations are just going to bend over and take it. Nope....they either pass the costs onto the customers if they think those customers will tolerate the increase, or more likely, what I like to call "comply with the law." They will pay the remaining "necessary" employees the mandated wage, but unless the gubmint passes a compulsory employment law, the others will be gone. That is, until the industry(s) find a way to automate away more of those expensive low-skilled employees. The libtards refer to that as using a "loophole" that they must legislate closed.

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  1. " but unless the gubmint passes a compulsory employment law,"
    Sshhhhh. . . . .do you want to give the FedGov ideas?
    That comes straight out of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged". Which I doubt anyone in the FedGov has ever read.

    B Woodman