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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Don't You Just Love How Liberals Want to Spend YOUR money?

As usual, I watched the CBS "Sunday Morning" show this morning. I know, pretty much a lib show, but I have been watching for decades and certainly watch with a jaded eye, especially the propaganda pieces. But there are some otherwise interesting stories. However, the reason I am writing this post, is because of a segment today promoting nationwide paid maternity leave. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki spoke about how we are only one of two nations in the world that don't have government (meaning taxpayer) funded maternity leave, that Google generously provides for all of its employees. She used it 5 times herself. Aw....isn't that great? Wait....isn't the Google corporation worth billions? Don't liberals hate corporations and billionaires? Then, here is my helpful statement:


What a novel idea. Oh wait, let someone else pay for your marxist plan, and certainly NOT the corporation you head, huh? I'm sure the thought never crossed her mind.

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