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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An Exercise of Property Rights 2016

An article in last months community newsletter warned residents of my town that property revaluation was taking place. Properties requiring inspection would be "visited" by the third party property values contractor. Their photos and vehicle descriptions were in the newsletter, as well as a FAQ page. One of the Q & A's had to do with refusal to allow them on your property. As it turns out, these inspections are strictly voluntary, but I already knew this.

I have NEVER allowed these inspections in the past, whether here or at my previous property. I felt that since we had this house built, the town had ample access to inspect anything they needed to see before they issued my C.O. Once I had my C.O., town officials are only allowed here by invitation, and I never give those out to anyone but true guests.

So, work has finally slowed back down, allowing me to go back to working out of my house. Because of how my house is situated on the property, I can't tell when someone comes up my 300 foot gravel driveway without having a proximity alarm to warn me. Yesterday afternoon around 3:30 PM, the alarm sounded. Also, keep in mind, the fact that I am always armed. Yesterday was no different, except I was openly wearing my large .357 Magnum revolver in a rig I refer to as my Wyoming Deputy Sheriff gun belt. As soon as the alarm sounds, I raise the garage door from the remote at my work area, and as I walk out of the kitchen to the garage, the door is almost all the way up. This caught the contractor quite by surprise, because he wasn't even all the way out of his pickup truck yet. I was standing in the rear of the garage in the dark, so he couldn't see me at first. When he entered the garage he saw me, but I'm not 100% sure he saw my gun. He told me who he was, and I told him that he and the other contractors are not welcome here. He said that was OK, it was my right to refuse, and then he asked about taking updated photos. I told him he could take one from the driveway on the way out, and he headed out. I watched him leave, but couldn't tell if he took a photo or not. All you can really see is the garage end of the house from that vantage point.

I pay a butt-load of property taxes (almost $6000 per year) on what I consider a very modest home. We have no town services except for road maintenance including snow plowing and the volunteer fire department. The majority of tax revenue goes to the black hole that is the town board of education. That amount of money is positively obscene, especially since I have never had any children in this town's school system. Their assessment of my property is incorrect to my advantage, and I know because I have read it. Tough shit for them, they had their chance to get it right before I moved in. As King of My Castle, I lord over my realm and try to keep safe what I hold dear.

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  1. Don't know about your lot and house size, but here in My Small Town near SLC, UT, I pay approx $1500/yr for property taxes for a ~2700 sq ft house on an ~1/4 (0.20?) acre lot. I'll have to go look at my paperwork, but I think that's close. And it gets spread around to a variety of agencies, not just Education. Of course, to hear Education yell about, they're starving to death (but they're not).

    If there are any assessments, I think they're just drive-by. Never had anyone come to the door to ask to see the house or back yard. Not yet anyway.

    B Woodman

    PS - Does anyone else comment to your blog? Don't recall seeing any other commenters.