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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

450 Pound Harambe Was Not Magilla Gorilla

Here are my thoughts on this story about the child falling into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The zoo did what it had to do to save the child. Regardless how the child got there, he had to be removed safely, and there would be no way to mount a rescue without endangering more people or the child. Therefore, the gorilla was euthanized "remotely" (shot). He was not the cute and happy Magilla Gorilla or Grape Ape of the cartoons. Doesn't anyone remember what a 200 pound chimpanzee did to Charla Nash? That animal had to be shot also.

Apparently the animal rights wackos from PETA are all upset, and would have been more happy to allow the gorilla to perform a late, late, late, late term abortion instead.

Maybe the gorilla's family can file a civil lawsuit against the zoo, the family of the child, the city, and of course, the firearm manufacturer. I heard they put Gloria Allred on retainer.

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