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Saturday, April 9, 2016

"We don't want to take away anyone's guns, but....."

Yes, the Sandy Hook anti-gun loonies are at it again. The green jersey wearing hoplophobes are doing their annual bike ride to Washington D.C. to whine about "common sense gun safety" to congress (if they were to join me at the range, they would learn about REAL gun safety). This year they are complaining about the non-issue of keeping guns off college campuses. I personally don't know what their problem is, since, with very few exceptions, college campuses are already "GUN-FREE DEATH ZONES" (just like Sandy Hook elementary school was). Only the campus police are allowed to carry. Unless their beef is with the community colleges here in the PSRK, where there is a push on to turn their campus safety officers into armed police officers. OH NO.....SAY IT AIN'T SO! As usual, they say they don't want to take away anyone's guns, but no one should have the certain guns they are frightened of, so those should be taken away? Hmmmm. I am confused.

Actually, I am not confused in the least. They have said in their own words, that only the police and military should have guns. Their goal, make no mistake about it, is total civilian disarmament. That includes you, Mr. Deer Hunter, and your lever or bolt action rifle, not just Mr. Tacticool and his horrible black rifle. I know they are all delusional, because they still only count 26 victims of Sandy Hook, not the true count of 28. Nancy Lanza was the first victim, and her son was the last. All 28 are actually victims of the failings of the PSRK handling of Adam's mental health. In fact:

The State of Connecticut is fully responsible for the Sandy Hook Massacre.

There, I've said it for all to see, and to be on the internet forever! Take that you green ribbon wearing, panty-peeing, frightened bunny Marxists. BTW, it now just makes it even more fun to drive through the local famous university campus while armed. Notice there is no link to any news story or website, since I don't want to send them any internet traffic. You'll have to find it on your own.

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