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Friday, April 15, 2016

The War on Women: From the Anti-Gun Hoplophobes

You've heard the catch phrase; "War on Women"....usually directed at GOP candidates and conservatives in general. But who is it that REALLY has a war on women? I contend it is those who, in the same way they keep minorities powerless and in economic bondage, want to keep women powerless against predators and tyrants alike. We'll make a deal with you anti-gun femi-nazis; we'll stay out of your stay the F#$% out of our gun safes!

Cosmopolitan Magazine Thinks The Ladies Should Stay Away From Firearms
Source: NRA America's First Freedom

I have personally introduced a few women to shooting, and have three more that want to give it a try. My own daughter learned shooting and gun safety as a teen, joining me at the range many times. In later years, I used to wait to clean my guns until her suitors would show up to take her out on a date, and they got the message loud and clear. I remember feeling sorry for this one guy though, that had never seen a real gun in person sad. Although my wife has little interest in shooting for fun or self-defense, she did get her state permit to carry. If she ever changes her mind, it can be an instant transition.

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