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Saturday, April 30, 2016


Two new laws destined to pass and probably go into effect by/on July 1st.

Due process....who needs it?

This first one, tramples on your 2nd Amendment Rights as soon as someone applies for a temporary restraining order against you. No ifs, ands, or buts about it....before any hearings or determinations, a gun owner is deemed a danger to society and all weapons and ammunition are removed from possession. There are no statutory limits as to how or where your firearms are stored, or for how long they are taken away. The classic example is the abused wife against an abusive husband. I contend that this would all be totally unnecessary if gun restrictions as a whole were removed, making it easier for that wife to arm up and defend herself at a moments notice. This infringement seems unnecessary, since the PSRK already had a law on the books from over a decade ago nicknamed "the turn in your neighbor law", where I all I have to do is call the police, say my neighbor (or spouse) threatened me and that they have guns and "poof".....all confiscated. Then if I call them back and say he's really mad now and I think he's going to kill me.....hoo boy, he'll never see the light of day again.

Propsed change to carry laws

In October 2015, a law was passed forcing anyone open carrying in the PSRK (where it is legal by default, believe it or not) to show their permit to a LEO when requested, even if they were not breaking any laws, but the cop may have suspected they were up to no good. I don't open carry in public, and really didn't have a problem with it on it's face. They are removing the language that says “reasonable suspicion of a crime” which removes the specific reason. So now, Officer Friendly can simply see what he thinks is a gun bulge through your shirt and ask you to produce your permit. My response will be the same as for a DUI checkpoint, where I will not engage in conversation except to say "am I being detained?" or "am I under arrest?" and answer no questions without an attorney present. Last I knew, they were not allowed to simply walk up to you and ask for ID, because we supposedly live in a Free Republic. Below is a pretty good blog post that sums it all up.

"Zeig Mir Deine Papiere" or "Show Me Your Papers"

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  1. For #1 - If you think or know that you're going to be served a restraining order, rent a storage space under an assumed name, pay cash (untraceable), hide all weapons and ammo as necessary.
    OR- have a REALLY good close friend who will hold your G&A for you. Write up a bill of sale for "$1 and other intangible considerations".
    There are ways around everything, if you take the time to prepare in advance. Especially if you want to piss off a Libtard.

    #2- If you don't want to "print" through your clothes, carry cross-draw. Example, say I wanted to carry concealed, I shoot right handed, I carry on my left hip with the butt facing forward. So even if I bend over, it's not easily seen.

    OR - Get yourself a "turse", a "tactical man purse", such as the Maxpedition (Fat Boy?) side carry bags. Great for all those things that normally clutter and bulge your pants pockets.

    B Woodman