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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The "Gun-Free Death Zone" Claims Another Victim

As someone that always ignores the "Gun-Free Death Zone" signs and laws, I have an opinion on this incident. First, I applaud teacher Jason M. Adams for doing as I do, and carry at work where it is forbidden. Only you are responsible for your own personal safety, and you can not depend on others to provide it. The problem as I see it, is his carelessness in exposing his firearm while deep behind enemy lines. I'll bet he has been carrying it since right after December 14, 2012 with no issues. The red-headed skank Newtown mommy in the video was soooooo concerned that her daughter was in the vicinity of a gun. OH MY! Hey flash for you....your precious little one, as well as ALL OF US, are closer to death than you ever know just living our lives every day, than by simply being close to a loaded firearm. Especially one that is secured in a holster ( I can only assume his was). They can not fire themselves, in case you didn't know. In fact, you probably walk past peaceable citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights every day as you go about your business around town. Second, maybe I question his judgement a little bit along these lines....when is it safest to fly on a particular airline? Immediately following a fatal crash, that's when. So, I gotta figure Newtown schools to be the safest in the state, just because they've had their mass shooting. What are the odds of lightning striking twice?

 Newtown, CT teacher arrested for having a gun in school (

Fox 61 CT News Story with video from 4-6-16

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