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Monday, April 25, 2016

PSRK Primary Day 2016

So tomorrow is PSRK G.O.P. primary day. The Demo-Craps (uninformed voters) vote next Tuesday, when they can choose between the declared and un-declared Socialist candidates. I will be casting my primary vote for the Honorable U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas. However the convention turns out, I will be casting my vote in the general election as "NEVER A SOCIALIST!!" I have been a Cruz supporter since well before he announced, and if it was up to just me, he would be my US Senator already. Certainly not the two absolute embarrassments hailing from the PSRK now.

I still maintain that there isn't much difference between the parties at this time. The Demo-Craps want to take the country over the cliff at 100 MPH, and the Re-pube-icans are willing to only go 75 MPH. Nobody seems to get the point about slamming on the brakes and NOT going over the cliff.

By the way....what's the difference between a socialist and a communist? The Socialist has either not found his AK-47 yet, or the will to use it. An alternative answer is a communist is an impatient socialist.

Either of these.......

......equals this!

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