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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Patton Must Be Spinning in His Grave

Goddamn.....I hold this administration (actually the entire government) in the most extreme CONTEMPT!

The Continued Hollowing of Our Military

But then, what do you expect from a bunch of utopian ideologues? You know, the ones that write, say, or chant shit like:

"Make Peace not War!"

"War is not The Answer"

"Coexist" or "Tolerance" (written in religious symbols)

"1-2-3-4 We Don't Want Your F@#%ing War!"

Really? Here's a news flash for you delicate little snowflakes....WAR IS SOMETIMES THE ONLY OPTION! When the only way to live without conflict is to die at your enemies hands or kill all of them, I'd rather kill all of them. Therefore, I suggest we have the mightiest military on the planet always at the ready, and hopefully never need to unleash it.

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  1. I was in during the Cahtah years, it wasn't good then, either.

    As a side thought.. . . If you find one of these Special Snowflakes (SS. . . . hhmmmm. . . sound familiar?) to be especially annoying, deck him/her/it one. Then when they get up sputtering and pissed, throw their own words back at them, "love, not war", "that was then, like, so 5 minutes ago, this is now", "peace", "war is not the answer", etc. Then when you've got them calmed down, deck them again just before you walk away.

    I'd pay good PPV money to see that. hehehehehehe
    Pull up the chair, pop the corn, open the drinks.

    B Woodman