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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pagan Dirt Worship Day 2016

Or, as it is also known..... "Earth Day" on April 22nd.

When I was a 3rd grader in 1970, the first Earth Day was about pollution. We were taught not to litter, and it seemed pretty benign and just common sense. I mean, don't we all want to breathe clean air and drink clean water? Now, the "environmental movement" is the new home of displaced communists, who seem to want us all living by candlelight in grass huts and riding bicycles to slave away in a government provided job. That is, until the Human Extinction Project succeeds and the planet reverts to a lush green paradise for the remaining non-human creatures.

I am going to do what I do EVERY Earth Day. At dark, I turn on every light in my home until bed. Attic, basement, garage, interior, and outdoor lighting. My home will be a beacon of FREEDOM to every car that drives by, or plane that flies over.

As a related story, I used to live in a more urban neighborhood. One afternoon while doing my yard work and using an evil 2-stroke gas-powered leaf blower, a little hippie child thought it wise to step onto my property and SCOLD ME for polluting and using that horrid machine. I asked this young person if they would be willing to grab a rake and clean my yard for the rest of the season for the $10.00 in gas and oil it was costing me to do it quickly and easily with my leaf blower. "WHAT???" she exclaimed! So I said I would be generous and double it to $20.00 As you can imagine, she was more committed to preaching "environmentalism" than to actually working for it, and I got the famous liberal 1-finger salute as she stomped off, most likely back to her mommy's house.

Hardcore environmentalists are called "WATERMELONS" on the outside and commie red on the inside. Anyone that shoots knows how much fun watermelons can be. I'm just sayin'.

UPDATE 4-22-16: I meant to do this when I wrote the original post, but forgot. Buck Sexton is guest hosting the Rush Limbaugh show and reminded me of it. So, here goes:

I hereby declare that man-made global warming/cooling-climate change-climate disruption is a HOAX, meant to simply separate the successful of this country from their earnings and wealth. If you want to really control the climate, find the thermostat on the big ball of fire in the sky! Any A.G.'s want to try and prosecute me now?

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  1. Q: What did Libtards (etc) use for lighting in the dark before they had candles?

    A: Electricity.

    Must read: Ayn Rand's "Anthem"

    B Woodman