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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Now Do You Understand Why It's the PSRK

From state border to state border, and in every nook and cranny of state government, we are surrounded by liberty hating marxists. The administration regardless of party (since all we can seem to burp up here are "go along to get along" squishy RINOs), the state general assembly that more closely resembles a communist politburo, and a judiciary full of liberal activist judges with lifetime appointments. Is it any wonder why these judges just make rulings? They owe a debt to those that appointed them and their associated political party.

Judge Rules Sandy Hook Lawsuit Against Bushmaster Can Go Forward
Source: The

If I ruled the universe, I would have a tall sturdy gallows in front of the Old State House in Hartford equipped with 12 trapdoors and 12 nooses. It would be lit up and operating around the clock until ALL these vermin were all exterminated. 

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  1. What you need to do is assemble, advertise, and sell; "Politician Alignment Kits". Rope, tall tree and/or lamp post, politician. Some assembly required.

    B Woodman
    (coming over from SSI)