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Friday, April 29, 2016

No Time For Posting....GOTTA WORK!

What a bummer. Since I work in a service based business and operate mostly out of my home, I get tons of slack time. Normally I am just waiting for an email or phone call from my dispatcher to take care of a service issue, that most of the time doesn't require me to jump in the company car and actually go somewhere. But this past week has been super busy, culminating with an install job at a construction site in Worcester, MA for the last two days. time for blogging.

I am interested to see if there is any positive movement on the Cruz Campaign now that Carly Fiorina has been announced as the running mate.

Apparently, I am surrounded by Trump supporters on the GOP side, and socialists "feeling the Bern" on the other in my little town, since they were the two top vote getters in last Tuesday's primary. YIKES!

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