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Friday, April 1, 2016

Ignoring the "Gun-Free Death Zone" 4-1-16

This morning, I had the displeasure of visiting a PSRK DMV office on behalf of my company. The only positive thing was the fact that the company was paying me to be there to conduct their business. Prominently posted on every exterior entry door, was the "Gun-Free Death Zone" declaration sign. These depict a handgun with the circle/red slash through it, and the text (in english and spanish) that reads "Weapons and ammunition is prohibited on this property". As usual, I totally ignored it, and waltzed right on in with my well concealed compact 9mm on my right hip. Most PSRK state offices are in areas where I would never live, and most in places where I would rather not be after dark. While I feel pretty safe inside the DMV offices, where there are armed DMV Inspectors, it is going to and from the parking lot where I would be apprehensive if I were disarmed. Also, if I were to follow the law and go to DMV unarmed, I could not combine trips to other places unless I wanted to go to those other destinations unarmed as well. That type of broad disarmament is unacceptable to me. So, rather than become a potential victim anywhere, I disregard the "Gun-Free Death Zone" designation. By the way, my company policy forbids the carrying of weapons on company time, but I have been carrying during work hours for years. The only way anyone would ever find out, would be if I had to use my firearm to defend myself. Hopefully I would be alive to tell the tale, although if it happened during work I would become unemployed. So be it....I refuse to rely on the good graces of a criminal to not kill me, and no job is worth my life. I have not yet made the jump to ignoring state lines when it comes to carrying, although I can see that's probably in the future. Right now, trips to MA include carrying a Benchmade Mel Pardue design tactical folder. Better than nothing I suppose.

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