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Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was reading some articles on this morning about my favorite subject to criticize, the "Gun-Free Death Zone, and remembered an encounter in August 2006 that I will relate here.

I am a car guy. Always have been. In September 1997 I acquired my baby, a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 2 door hardtop. 390 cubic inch V-8 with an automatic, I got it from the original owner and the car has never been restored. Notice I don't call it "original", because it's not. I have replaced many mechanical parts and modernized a few more. I display it as a survivor and as a daily driver; kind of what you would expect if you saw this car in 1971. A truly original car can not be driven, except on and off a trailer. Who wants to rely on 50 year old belts and hoses and such? Not me, I dig driving around whenever and wherever I feel like it. We go to cruise nights, car shows, parades, displays, and sometimes just a ride for a burger or some ice cream.
In August 2006 I was with my car at the "Cruisin' on Main Street" event in Manchester, PSRK. Since this was a large outdoor event on the streets of Manchester, of course I was carrying. While making my way up the sidewalk (probably towards the porta-potties) the crowd seemed to get a little heavier. All of a sudden I found out why, as I was face to face with US Senator Joseph Lieberman and his entourage. He was campaigning for re-election, this time as an Independent, finally abandoning the Demo-Craps. I always liked Joe, his only real transgression to me was agreeing to be Algore's running mate in 2000. He is a strong supporter of Israel and was an old school Democrat like JFK, not a modern loony leftist. Surrounded by his aides and a security detail, here I am shaking his hand, with my concealed firearm in my pocket holster. Now, I pose an offensive threat to no one, but I am sure his security detail would have face-planted me on the sidewalk and cuffed me right there if they knew. We shook hands, exchanged pleasantries, and went our separate ways. I did vote for him that year.

This is no different than carrying into posted "Gun-Free Death Zones". Whether a school, USPS facility, PSRK state office, etc. my concealed weapon stays safely in its holster unless the need arises, in which case judicious marksmanship will be the order of the day.

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  1. I remember many a ride as a youth, in my g'parents '65 Galaxie 500, peering through the windows at the "gun sites" on the front fenders. Funny what you remember from childhood.

    B Woodman