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Friday, April 8, 2016

Fighting Against The "Gun-Free Death Zone"

As you know, I despise and ignore the "Gun-Free Death Zone" everywhere. While I encourage you to do the same, we all must make personal choices that is right for us. Unlike the libtards that want to make those choices for you. So if you choose to not carry into a posted establishment, but want to let the owner or manager know why you aren't going to do business there, here is a fun little card you can print out and hand to them. The .pdf layout is done so that if you print double-sided it makes a nice 2-sided card. I use a heavy stock paper and cut them out. I carry a supply of them in all my vehicles, but have yet to hand them out because......well, you know why.

No Guns/No Money Printable Business Cards


  1. I agree with your view on the "Gun Free Death Zone"...My question...and I would be happy to contribute to a challenger of the courts as to where the declination lines are on a map that shows where the Constitution ends for this so-called GUN FREE ZONES are across the US...As far as I am concerned the US CONSTITUTION 2nd Amendment encompasses the whole United States...anything other than the encompassing United States is an infringement of my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS as stated in the 2nd Amendment...Unless an establishment or specified area (GUN FREE ZONE) has succeeded from the US Territory formally) then I consider them to be infringing on my Constitutional Rights an will not comply with their signage...

    1. If you do decide to disobey The Sacred (/sarc) No Gunz Zone Law, just be sure to keep your choice of firearm well hidden. It doesn't do at this stage to stampede the sheeple.

      B Woodman