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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cankle's PSRK Campaign Stop

Everyone should be paying attention to what that filthy sow is saying. In an audience of hoplophobes including Sandy Hook families, she says there are too many guns in our country, homes, and neighborhoods. Really? How do you propose eliminating them? House to house raids by military equipped government jack-booted thugs? Against otherwise "peaceable citizens" whose only crime is to possess a firearm(s) that they purchased legally, that certain other citizens don't like? Because as we've seen in that shit hole called NYC, they certainly couldn't be talking about the "stop and  frisk" of criminals stopped by Comrade DiBlasio. Sounds to me like violating EVERYONE'S (including non-gun owners) 4th Amendment Rights against illegal search and seizure. But then, it is for the public good and it must be OK.

It has always been my contention, that the majority of sworn law enforcement will not be willing to carry out these raids. The same applies to the state national guard. will be the plethora of well armed federal alphabet agencies (DHS, HHS, EPA, DOJ, DOE, DEA, etc.) that will have no problem following orders. They should remember, that the "just following orders" defense didn't work in Nuremburg. It certainly won't work while they're standing trial, bound hand and foot, in front of pissed off Patriots, and not a court of law. Can you say no mercy?

A link to the story on NBC30 (if you can stand to watch it)

UPDATE 4-24-16: It has been pointed out in the comments section that during Katrina the majority of L.E. performed the now infamous confiscation of private citizen's arms. We need to get the semantics right. The majority of confiscations were done by L.E. (with the LA National Guard), but the majority of the New Orleans L.E. beat feet to be with their families. That's how the city turned into a tribal war-zone. Also, I suppose everyone gets "one", and we'll call Katrina the tyrants "one". This is a different time, and The Armed Civil Disobedience WILL NOT TOLERATE SUCH ACTIONS. Many will die on both sides if this is attempted again, of that I can assure you.

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  1. "It has always been my contention, that the majority of sworn law enforcement will not be willing to carry out these raids." And yet they did just that during Katrina.