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Saturday, April 30, 2016


Two new laws destined to pass and probably go into effect by/on July 1st.

Due process....who needs it?

This first one, tramples on your 2nd Amendment Rights as soon as someone applies for a temporary restraining order against you. No ifs, ands, or buts about it....before any hearings or determinations, a gun owner is deemed a danger to society and all weapons and ammunition are removed from possession. There are no statutory limits as to how or where your firearms are stored, or for how long they are taken away. The classic example is the abused wife against an abusive husband. I contend that this would all be totally unnecessary if gun restrictions as a whole were removed, making it easier for that wife to arm up and defend herself at a moments notice. This infringement seems unnecessary, since the PSRK already had a law on the books from over a decade ago nicknamed "the turn in your neighbor law", where I all I have to do is call the police, say my neighbor (or spouse) threatened me and that they have guns and "poof".....all confiscated. Then if I call them back and say he's really mad now and I think he's going to kill me.....hoo boy, he'll never see the light of day again.

Propsed change to carry laws

In October 2015, a law was passed forcing anyone open carrying in the PSRK (where it is legal by default, believe it or not) to show their permit to a LEO when requested, even if they were not breaking any laws, but the cop may have suspected they were up to no good. I don't open carry in public, and really didn't have a problem with it on it's face. They are removing the language that says “reasonable suspicion of a crime” which removes the specific reason. So now, Officer Friendly can simply see what he thinks is a gun bulge through your shirt and ask you to produce your permit. My response will be the same as for a DUI checkpoint, where I will not engage in conversation except to say "am I being detained?" or "am I under arrest?" and answer no questions without an attorney present. Last I knew, they were not allowed to simply walk up to you and ask for ID, because we supposedly live in a Free Republic. Below is a pretty good blog post that sums it all up.

"Zeig Mir Deine Papiere" or "Show Me Your Papers"

Friday, April 29, 2016

No Time For Posting....GOTTA WORK!

What a bummer. Since I work in a service based business and operate mostly out of my home, I get tons of slack time. Normally I am just waiting for an email or phone call from my dispatcher to take care of a service issue, that most of the time doesn't require me to jump in the company car and actually go somewhere. But this past week has been super busy, culminating with an install job at a construction site in Worcester, MA for the last two days. time for blogging.

I am interested to see if there is any positive movement on the Cruz Campaign now that Carly Fiorina has been announced as the running mate.

Apparently, I am surrounded by Trump supporters on the GOP side, and socialists "feeling the Bern" on the other in my little town, since they were the two top vote getters in last Tuesday's primary. YIKES!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Are PSRK Polling Sites Gun-Free Death Zones??

I don't know, and frankly I don't care. My quick internet research did not answer this question, but since my polling place is not a school, I was just curious for accuracy. I was carrying my concealed compact 9mm when I checked in to fill out my ballot. Obviously, my loaded and holstered gun behaved itself, since you haven't heard about a mass shooting at a PSRK polling site.

Monday, April 25, 2016

PSRK Primary Day 2016

So tomorrow is PSRK G.O.P. primary day. The Demo-Craps (uninformed voters) vote next Tuesday, when they can choose between the declared and un-declared Socialist candidates. I will be casting my primary vote for the Honorable U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas. However the convention turns out, I will be casting my vote in the general election as "NEVER A SOCIALIST!!" I have been a Cruz supporter since well before he announced, and if it was up to just me, he would be my US Senator already. Certainly not the two absolute embarrassments hailing from the PSRK now.

I still maintain that there isn't much difference between the parties at this time. The Demo-Craps want to take the country over the cliff at 100 MPH, and the Re-pube-icans are willing to only go 75 MPH. Nobody seems to get the point about slamming on the brakes and NOT going over the cliff.

By the way....what's the difference between a socialist and a communist? The Socialist has either not found his AK-47 yet, or the will to use it. An alternative answer is a communist is an impatient socialist.

Either of these.......

......equals this!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cankle's PSRK Campaign Stop

Everyone should be paying attention to what that filthy sow is saying. In an audience of hoplophobes including Sandy Hook families, she says there are too many guns in our country, homes, and neighborhoods. Really? How do you propose eliminating them? House to house raids by military equipped government jack-booted thugs? Against otherwise "peaceable citizens" whose only crime is to possess a firearm(s) that they purchased legally, that certain other citizens don't like? Because as we've seen in that shit hole called NYC, they certainly couldn't be talking about the "stop and  frisk" of criminals stopped by Comrade DiBlasio. Sounds to me like violating EVERYONE'S (including non-gun owners) 4th Amendment Rights against illegal search and seizure. But then, it is for the public good and it must be OK.

It has always been my contention, that the majority of sworn law enforcement will not be willing to carry out these raids. The same applies to the state national guard. will be the plethora of well armed federal alphabet agencies (DHS, HHS, EPA, DOJ, DOE, DEA, etc.) that will have no problem following orders. They should remember, that the "just following orders" defense didn't work in Nuremburg. It certainly won't work while they're standing trial, bound hand and foot, in front of pissed off Patriots, and not a court of law. Can you say no mercy?

A link to the story on NBC30 (if you can stand to watch it)

UPDATE 4-24-16: It has been pointed out in the comments section that during Katrina the majority of L.E. performed the now infamous confiscation of private citizen's arms. We need to get the semantics right. The majority of confiscations were done by L.E. (with the LA National Guard), but the majority of the New Orleans L.E. beat feet to be with their families. That's how the city turned into a tribal war-zone. Also, I suppose everyone gets "one", and we'll call Katrina the tyrants "one". This is a different time, and The Armed Civil Disobedience WILL NOT TOLERATE SUCH ACTIONS. Many will die on both sides if this is attempted again, of that I can assure you.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Captain's Manifesto

I decided that for the haters to hate properly, I need to document my beliefs that are contrary to the liberal agenda and post them up so they can be read by all. I have started writing it, and discovered that I need to put it in a clear and concise format or else it will end up looking like the 50 pages from the "Unibomber". Be patient, it will be up in the next couple of weeks. As a teaser, I will post up my "Pros & Cons List to Leave The PSRK"

UPDATE 4-23-16: Here is the link to the list: Pros & Cons List

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pagan Dirt Worship Day 2016

Or, as it is also known..... "Earth Day" on April 22nd.

When I was a 3rd grader in 1970, the first Earth Day was about pollution. We were taught not to litter, and it seemed pretty benign and just common sense. I mean, don't we all want to breathe clean air and drink clean water? Now, the "environmental movement" is the new home of displaced communists, who seem to want us all living by candlelight in grass huts and riding bicycles to slave away in a government provided job. That is, until the Human Extinction Project succeeds and the planet reverts to a lush green paradise for the remaining non-human creatures.

I am going to do what I do EVERY Earth Day. At dark, I turn on every light in my home until bed. Attic, basement, garage, interior, and outdoor lighting. My home will be a beacon of FREEDOM to every car that drives by, or plane that flies over.

As a related story, I used to live in a more urban neighborhood. One afternoon while doing my yard work and using an evil 2-stroke gas-powered leaf blower, a little hippie child thought it wise to step onto my property and SCOLD ME for polluting and using that horrid machine. I asked this young person if they would be willing to grab a rake and clean my yard for the rest of the season for the $10.00 in gas and oil it was costing me to do it quickly and easily with my leaf blower. "WHAT???" she exclaimed! So I said I would be generous and double it to $20.00 As you can imagine, she was more committed to preaching "environmentalism" than to actually working for it, and I got the famous liberal 1-finger salute as she stomped off, most likely back to her mommy's house.

Hardcore environmentalists are called "WATERMELONS" on the outside and commie red on the inside. Anyone that shoots knows how much fun watermelons can be. I'm just sayin'.

UPDATE 4-22-16: I meant to do this when I wrote the original post, but forgot. Buck Sexton is guest hosting the Rush Limbaugh show and reminded me of it. So, here goes:

I hereby declare that man-made global warming/cooling-climate change-climate disruption is a HOAX, meant to simply separate the successful of this country from their earnings and wealth. If you want to really control the climate, find the thermostat on the big ball of fire in the sky! Any A.G.'s want to try and prosecute me now?

Editorial Cartoon

This cartoon appeared in my evening newspaper last night. I knew EXACTLY what Ted Cruz was talking about in reference to "New York Values", because they are also PSRK, NJ, MA, and RI values.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Patriots Day

Today is April 19th. The day in 1775 that the British found out first hand what happens when gun control evolves into its final solution of armed confiscation.

Anyone in Hartford issuing orders out to the different state agencies to move forward with this in the PSRK today? This week? This month? EVER????

No? Good...I thought not. Malloy and company can just stay frightened into a state of perpetual constipation and leave us the hell alone, since they don't have the BALLS to do what's right and repeal ALL state gun control!

Friday, April 15, 2016

The War on Women: From the Anti-Gun Hoplophobes

You've heard the catch phrase; "War on Women"....usually directed at GOP candidates and conservatives in general. But who is it that REALLY has a war on women? I contend it is those who, in the same way they keep minorities powerless and in economic bondage, want to keep women powerless against predators and tyrants alike. We'll make a deal with you anti-gun femi-nazis; we'll stay out of your stay the F#$% out of our gun safes!

Cosmopolitan Magazine Thinks The Ladies Should Stay Away From Firearms
Source: NRA America's First Freedom

I have personally introduced a few women to shooting, and have three more that want to give it a try. My own daughter learned shooting and gun safety as a teen, joining me at the range many times. In later years, I used to wait to clean my guns until her suitors would show up to take her out on a date, and they got the message loud and clear. I remember feeling sorry for this one guy though, that had never seen a real gun in person sad. Although my wife has little interest in shooting for fun or self-defense, she did get her state permit to carry. If she ever changes her mind, it can be an instant transition.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Now Do You Understand Why It's the PSRK

From state border to state border, and in every nook and cranny of state government, we are surrounded by liberty hating marxists. The administration regardless of party (since all we can seem to burp up here are "go along to get along" squishy RINOs), the state general assembly that more closely resembles a communist politburo, and a judiciary full of liberal activist judges with lifetime appointments. Is it any wonder why these judges just make rulings? They owe a debt to those that appointed them and their associated political party.

Judge Rules Sandy Hook Lawsuit Against Bushmaster Can Go Forward
Source: The

If I ruled the universe, I would have a tall sturdy gallows in front of the Old State House in Hartford equipped with 12 trapdoors and 12 nooses. It would be lit up and operating around the clock until ALL these vermin were all exterminated. 

241 Years Since The Shot Heard Around The World

Tuesday April 19th marks the 241st Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington-Concord. You would think by now, tyrants would understand what happens when you have armed, forced weapons confiscation from peaceable citizens. While it has certainly taken place in this country since 1775 (see what happened to the freed slaves under Jim Crow for example), it has been more prevalent around the world in dictatorships. The governments of several states seem to be headed down the same road as His Majesty's Army occupying Massachusetts. So far, they are mostly just up to the registration phase, but it isn't much of a jump to declare, "turn `em all in, folks. Or ELSE!"

For a good detail of the events of  April 19, 1775 click HERE.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

From Your Doctor, "Are there firearms in your home?"

This is an issue that absolutely burns my ass. I always answer, "I refuse to answer any questions not directly pertaining to my healthcare." So far, I have gotten no push back. If I ever do, I will explain that first, it is a violation of  PERSEC (personal security) to discuss such things with outsiders, and second, they are acting as an agent of the government, and I will not forfeit my 4th and 5th Amendment Rights to them or the government itself. Those questions would only be answered in, and under the advice of, my attorney.

An amicus curiae brief just filed by the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms shows the real reason that Floridians were outraged when an Ocala, Florida pediatrician in 2010 kicked a young mother and her baby out of his practice for daring to object to his inappropriate questioning about guns.

When the government states, "thou shall not treat patients that refuse our inquisition," I will seek out the black market, cash only doctor. I guess I could always just answer truthfully, "I do not own or possess a single firearm."

39,000 Verizon Union Employees Hit the Picket Lines

I have been working in the telecommunications industry since 1981, when the smaller phone equipment companies were called "inter-connects" prior to the breakup of "Ma Bell" in 1984. I don't know the details between Verizon and the unions and the current contract dispute, but I do have my own experience with such matters, and will offer my story and opinion.

I began working for Northern Telecom in October of 1984, the 4th job of my working life, and the first union job I ever had. I was a member of CWA (Communications Workers of America) Local 1109 out of Brooklyn, NY. I was a 23 year old gung-ho pro-union hot head. When we went on strike in April 1986, it was a nine day street PARTY! I had no financial responsibilities to speak of, and my wife worked full time. I had a ball and we ended up with an OK contract. Fast forward 3 years, and the contract is expiring. Talks have broken down and we are continuing to work under the existing contract. The union meetings are held at a hotel ballroom in the New Haven area, and are a drunken scream fest of guys ready to go to war with the company. Not me. I sit there quietly listening to what I know is coming. It's a different story for me now; I am one year into home ownership with a mortgage and I have a car payment, as well as a young daughter. In my pocket at that last meeting is my union resignation letter. I did my research and found the PSRK is a "right to work state" (although not fully in the normal sense). Anyone considering crossing picket lines were threatened with harsh financial punishment.....unless you first resigned from the union (of course they didn't say that, I found out on my own). Once you resigned, you still got all the benefits and protections from the union, you just paid a reduced rate of dues that strictly applied to your representation with the company. Because of that fact, I can proudly say not one dime of my union dues went to elect Bill Clinton for either term.

The strike went on for six weeks in 1989, and I went to work every day. I got no trouble from my co-workers either during or after the strike. I only crossed our picket lines a couple of times with no issues. I know most of them were still shocked by my resignation, and I was a valuable resource of technical expertise that always helped everyone out when they needed it. The union guys did not want to jeopardize that, so there was no lingering animosity. I remember guys talking about putting money away for a strike fund. WHAT??? Why would you do such a thing? If I put money away, it is for a vacation or car down payment, not so I can be on strike to "stick it to the man." I remained a resigned member of the union for the next nine years. Every year I sent a copy of my resignation letter to the International in Washington, D.C., with a request for the dues reduction. Rather than mess with payroll deductions, they sent me a check for the year. I want to say it was around $1000 with no additional taxes taken out. There was some Christmas or vacation money.

I left that job in 1998, and never held a union job again. Until the financial SHTF in 2008, I always got a 3% C.O.L. raise, plus a 1 1/2% merit raise. In 2008, the company froze wages, and in early 2009 we took a 10% across the board pay cut. Later that year, the company furloughed every hourly employee one day per week under a program from the PSRK called "Work Share". This would amount to another 20% pay cut, but the program allowed us to collect unemployment that one day per week we were furloughed, and the company would not lay anyone off. Unfortunately, if it was the same day every week, I would get a part-time job instead of collect unemployment, but my bosses were dicks and it was a different day every week. They also got to the point where we didn't find out what day it would be until Sunday night at 9PM by voicemail. I left that shit hole in 2011 to come to my present employer, still in the telecommunications industry. This place is the first one I ever worked at (including my first job in high school)  that allowed me to go 5 years with not even a $0.01/hour increase. While that sucks on its face, I work mostly from home and they leave me alone. I do a lot of non-work stuff during the work day and have a company car in case I need to go to a customer site. So, I don't complain much. However, this is my final stop on the technology train. The job is not fun or interesting anymore, and I consider this job just a place holder. My dream is to move to Texas and open a firearms business.

My opinion of labor unions is this...their time is past. Bosses aren't slave drivers, and companies are not engaged in killing off their workers. They are now nothing more than a money laundering operation for liberal democrat politicians. I saw them do nothing but hold me back, and protect the worst of the scumbags. I remember once being asked about Nortel starting a "recognition program", and what would make a good reward. I told them certificates, plaques, and jackets were CRAP! The only thing meaningful is cash or time off. Their response was, "sorry, the union contract doesn't allow it" so I told them to screw off and not bother me then. I will never again work in a union shop.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Patton Must Be Spinning in His Grave

Goddamn.....I hold this administration (actually the entire government) in the most extreme CONTEMPT!

The Continued Hollowing of Our Military

But then, what do you expect from a bunch of utopian ideologues? You know, the ones that write, say, or chant shit like:

"Make Peace not War!"

"War is not The Answer"

"Coexist" or "Tolerance" (written in religious symbols)

"1-2-3-4 We Don't Want Your F@#%ing War!"

Really? Here's a news flash for you delicate little snowflakes....WAR IS SOMETIMES THE ONLY OPTION! When the only way to live without conflict is to die at your enemies hands or kill all of them, I'd rather kill all of them. Therefore, I suggest we have the mightiest military on the planet always at the ready, and hopefully never need to unleash it.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Comments by Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke

I love this guy. He is certainly no friend of BLM, and I put him in the same class as General Russell L. Honore (remember him, from the Louisiana National Guard in the aftermath of Katrina and in preparation for Hurricane Rita?)

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke says the best thing about the Obummer presidency is that it's coming to an end.
Source: The

That's right, me, a white guy that respects truly powerful black men. You know....LEADERS! Not the puss-ass POS that currently occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., or punk-ass street thugs that think they are leaders just because they have a posse and a Glock stuffed in their waist band. The same sentiment goes for the race-baiting poverty pimps (Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, etc.).

Sunday, April 10, 2016

My efforts to piss off the Sharia obedient vermin

I forgot all about doing this in MSPaint. I drew it after the attack on the Draw Mohammed event in Garland, Texas last May. Since this is MY blog, I can post whatever I want. Ah Freedom, it is a beautiful thing indeed!

I crossed out my real signature, certainly not out of fear of retribution, but to keep away the unwanted internet harassment that comes with posting your real name for anything. If the jihadis are up for it, they can try and bring it.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

"We don't want to take away anyone's guns, but....."

Yes, the Sandy Hook anti-gun loonies are at it again. The green jersey wearing hoplophobes are doing their annual bike ride to Washington D.C. to whine about "common sense gun safety" to congress (if they were to join me at the range, they would learn about REAL gun safety). This year they are complaining about the non-issue of keeping guns off college campuses. I personally don't know what their problem is, since, with very few exceptions, college campuses are already "GUN-FREE DEATH ZONES" (just like Sandy Hook elementary school was). Only the campus police are allowed to carry. Unless their beef is with the community colleges here in the PSRK, where there is a push on to turn their campus safety officers into armed police officers. OH NO.....SAY IT AIN'T SO! As usual, they say they don't want to take away anyone's guns, but no one should have the certain guns they are frightened of, so those should be taken away? Hmmmm. I am confused.

Actually, I am not confused in the least. They have said in their own words, that only the police and military should have guns. Their goal, make no mistake about it, is total civilian disarmament. That includes you, Mr. Deer Hunter, and your lever or bolt action rifle, not just Mr. Tacticool and his horrible black rifle. I know they are all delusional, because they still only count 26 victims of Sandy Hook, not the true count of 28. Nancy Lanza was the first victim, and her son was the last. All 28 are actually victims of the failings of the PSRK handling of Adam's mental health. In fact:

The State of Connecticut is fully responsible for the Sandy Hook Massacre.

There, I've said it for all to see, and to be on the internet forever! Take that you green ribbon wearing, panty-peeing, frightened bunny Marxists. BTW, it now just makes it even more fun to drive through the local famous university campus while armed. Notice there is no link to any news story or website, since I don't want to send them any internet traffic. You'll have to find it on your own.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Fighting Against The "Gun-Free Death Zone"

As you know, I despise and ignore the "Gun-Free Death Zone" everywhere. While I encourage you to do the same, we all must make personal choices that is right for us. Unlike the libtards that want to make those choices for you. So if you choose to not carry into a posted establishment, but want to let the owner or manager know why you aren't going to do business there, here is a fun little card you can print out and hand to them. The .pdf layout is done so that if you print double-sided it makes a nice 2-sided card. I use a heavy stock paper and cut them out. I carry a supply of them in all my vehicles, but have yet to hand them out because......well, you know why.

No Guns/No Money Printable Business Cards

OMG....I agree with Bill Clinton?????

Wow. Bill Clinton thinks like I do, that BLM is really BCM (Black Criminals Matter)

Bill Clinton verbally spars with the BLM mob

Source: The

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The "Gun-Free Death Zone" Claims Another Victim

As someone that always ignores the "Gun-Free Death Zone" signs and laws, I have an opinion on this incident. First, I applaud teacher Jason M. Adams for doing as I do, and carry at work where it is forbidden. Only you are responsible for your own personal safety, and you can not depend on others to provide it. The problem as I see it, is his carelessness in exposing his firearm while deep behind enemy lines. I'll bet he has been carrying it since right after December 14, 2012 with no issues. The red-headed skank Newtown mommy in the video was soooooo concerned that her daughter was in the vicinity of a gun. OH MY! Hey flash for you....your precious little one, as well as ALL OF US, are closer to death than you ever know just living our lives every day, than by simply being close to a loaded firearm. Especially one that is secured in a holster ( I can only assume his was). They can not fire themselves, in case you didn't know. In fact, you probably walk past peaceable citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights every day as you go about your business around town. Second, maybe I question his judgement a little bit along these lines....when is it safest to fly on a particular airline? Immediately following a fatal crash, that's when. So, I gotta figure Newtown schools to be the safest in the state, just because they've had their mass shooting. What are the odds of lightning striking twice?

 Newtown, CT teacher arrested for having a gun in school (

Fox 61 CT News Story with video from 4-6-16

Friday, April 1, 2016

It's not just the jihadis

Persecution of Christianity is not just perpetrated by ISIS in the middle east. I believe there is a special place in Hell for anyone that destroys religious symbols, artifacts, or gravestones.

Vandals destroy decades old cross in California town. Reverend asks God to forgive them.

Source: The Blaze

Ignoring the "Gun-Free Death Zone" 4-1-16

This morning, I had the displeasure of visiting a PSRK DMV office on behalf of my company. The only positive thing was the fact that the company was paying me to be there to conduct their business. Prominently posted on every exterior entry door, was the "Gun-Free Death Zone" declaration sign. These depict a handgun with the circle/red slash through it, and the text (in english and spanish) that reads "Weapons and ammunition is prohibited on this property". As usual, I totally ignored it, and waltzed right on in with my well concealed compact 9mm on my right hip. Most PSRK state offices are in areas where I would never live, and most in places where I would rather not be after dark. While I feel pretty safe inside the DMV offices, where there are armed DMV Inspectors, it is going to and from the parking lot where I would be apprehensive if I were disarmed. Also, if I were to follow the law and go to DMV unarmed, I could not combine trips to other places unless I wanted to go to those other destinations unarmed as well. That type of broad disarmament is unacceptable to me. So, rather than become a potential victim anywhere, I disregard the "Gun-Free Death Zone" designation. By the way, my company policy forbids the carrying of weapons on company time, but I have been carrying during work hours for years. The only way anyone would ever find out, would be if I had to use my firearm to defend myself. Hopefully I would be alive to tell the tale, although if it happened during work I would become unemployed. So be it....I refuse to rely on the good graces of a criminal to not kill me, and no job is worth my life. I have not yet made the jump to ignoring state lines when it comes to carrying, although I can see that's probably in the future. Right now, trips to MA include carrying a Benchmade Mel Pardue design tactical folder. Better than nothing I suppose.