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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thoughts about the attacks in Brussels (and Paris, and London, and Spain, and Mumbai, and Kenya, and the USA, etc. etc. etc.)

These attacks all have one thing in common.....and it's the 800 pound gorilla that liberals across the world will deny with their last breath....THEY WERE CARRIED OUT BY MUSLIMS!

There, I've said it for the panty-peeing liberals. It seems the followers of "the religion of peace" really aren't so peaceful. "But wait" the libs say, "it is only a handful of bad actors that do this! You can't paint all Muslims with a broad brush like that!" Oh but I can, and I will. The liberal morons seem to have no trouble doing this EXACT same thing to the millions of peaceable gun owners across the country, every time some nut goes on a murder spree. They just use moral equivalence to portray all gun owners as a moment away from snapping, and either perpetrating mass murder or just gunning someone down over a parking space. So using their logic, I will do the same, but my version is more realistic. Whereas the peaceable gun owners will stand and shout "That is not us!", the silence from the ENTIRE Muslim community is deafening. That tells me, they are probably all secretly cheering the jihadis that decided to punch the detonator to get their virgins.

Am I an islamaphobe? Probably, but I never used to be. You might even say they brought the phenomenon of Islamophobia onto themselves. Even after losing a childhood friend in the Beirut U.S.M.C. Barracks bombing in 1983, I did not start paying attention to Islam and jihad until after the first World Trade Center bombing of 1993, the Khobar Towers bombing of 1996, and finally the east African embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. From then on, I began to pay attention to who these people were and what they were up to. The rise of the Taliban and the destruction of ancient historic religious relics in Afghanistan was quite disturbing. I started to realize they wanted to wipe out any existence they found "insulting to Islam", and that hit home on 9-11. A little known fact....I was 39 years old when 9-11 took place, and was at the maximum age to re-enlist having prior military service. I was so badly affected by it, I was trying to find a way to go and kill as many of them as I could. It was impossible without just abandoning my family and responsibilities at home. If I let that all go to hell, what was the point of fighting for my American way of life? I made the mature, reasoned decision (call me a coward if that makes you feel better) to stay stateside, and love and protect my family. 

Back to the islamophobe question. They are here, and thanks to Barry Soetero and my asshole governor, more are coming. Mixed in with these un-vetted immigrants from God knows where, will be the radicalized jihadists. Therefore, since the so-called innocent Muslims don't speak out, I treat them all with suspicion. When I see that swarthy middle-eastern looking male of military age, I watch very closely. I pay attention to how he is dressed, his movements, actions, mannerisms, destination, etc. Any thing strange and my hand is on my gun. Before he gets out the last syllable of "ALOHA SNACKBAR!" (I know it's actually "Allahu Akbhar" I just want to insult them some more) he will have been ventilated several times with center mass burning holes. I hope maybe I can shut down his central nervous system before he completes his mission. The same goes for the women, whether they have little suicide bombers with them or not. Spot them easily wearing a hijab (head scarf), jilbab (full robe), or a freakin' burka. I will steer clear of the last two, which can easily hide weapons or explosives. In fact, I once got off an MBTA train outside of Boston, when a woman that was completely covered like that got on. I just waited a few minutes at the stop for the next train, and only did that because it was one of the rare times I was only armed with a blade.

To the casual reader, it probably seems as though I live my life in constant fear. On the contrary, I don't really fear very much. I say one man's "fear" is another man's "preparedness." I try to be armed at all times, am always keenly aware of my surroundings, constantly scanning faces and places for threats, and if I don't like the situation will try to promptly remove myself from it. For all the years I have carried a firearm, I only displayed it once to a potential intruder at my own home, and he quickly left. I have always thought that I have probably been passed over by bad guys many times, because I walk with my head up paying attention. It is this same attitude and action that will hopefully keep me from becoming the victim of a jihadi.

 My permanent solution to the jihadi problem, once we know where they live.

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