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This blog is dedicated to the Life and Service of Captain Witold Pilecki - May 13, 1901 to May 25, 1948

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Finer Details of The Armed Civil Disobedience

The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance works quite well when the following principles are followed:


1). DEFY - tell government where to stick it by ignoring the unconstitutional intolerable acts they continue to pass into law. When they make you a felon by the stroke of a pen; because what you have done legally in the past they now don't like and have declared it  illegal, just defy them. It has been demonstrated over and over that Armed Civil Disobedience frightens them into inaction. Once they declare you a felon, does it really matter if you "commit" many more?

2). DECEIVE - Take whatever measures necessary to secure your property and never admit to owning it, except maybe in your absolute closest circle. Even then use extreme caution as to who you trust. Never fill out any "state" paperwork if you can avoid it. Private transactions are just that; PRIVATE!

3). EVADE - Stay clear of law enforcement. The po-po is really not your friend, but stay calm and respectful if you do interact with them. A traffic stop should be just that, so give them your license, registration, and proof of insurance, and nothing else. Answer no questions. Avoid the DUI checkpoint, and pull over or turn around if you come up on one. These are voluntary (despite what they may try to get you to believe), and if you go through one and play along, you pretty much forfeit your 4th and 5th Amendment Rights. If you get stuck in one, crack your window and tell them you don't wish to participate. If they get insistent, repeatedly ask them if you are under arrest or being detained. They will most likely let you go on your way. Exercise your 4th and 5th Amendment Rights at all times. All questions by L.E. should only be answered by or in the presence of an attorney. Move "banned" property or any future banned property to a secure location. Subterranean mono vaults work quite well, and you're better off with several smaller ones than one big one. Trust me, I found out by having to exchange one that was way too big. Most firearms can be broken down small enough to fit, and easily re-assembled.

4). RESIST - A twofold definition here. Resist the efforts of the tyrants in their efforts to registrate and confiscate. Show up at rallies and demonstrations. Call and write your politicians. Vote the bastards out of office, and feel free to maintain "traitors lists" containing the names and full contact info (including home address) of those traitors that want to strip your rights. But you must also resist the temptation to ever show what you may own to anyone outside your closest circle. Even then, never give away all your secrets.

5). SMUGGLE - Travel to free states and buy whatever you want and can. Firearms are tougher to do, unless it is a private sale. Magazines, ammo, blades, supplies, etc. Bring it back to your forbidden zone and stash it. Buy extra to distribute. Make anonymous YouTube videos of your activities and post them. Some smuggling efforts, depending on where you live, require you to cross multiple forbidden zones. It just adds to the fun!

6). DEFEND - This is the newest addition. Be committed to the fact that if the tyrants ever get froggy enough to try forced confiscation, you will meet force with force. When the body count on both sides get intolerable, maybe this shit will stop. Maybe. Follow the 3% Catechism #3 that states "No First Use of Force". Just like at the Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775, let the tyrants bring the force and let them fire first. After that, feel free to unleash whatever Hell you are capable of. Once you start you must see it through until; 1) They are all dead, 2) You are all dead, 3) You are out of ammo. Please be prepared enough so number 3 does not happen, because it will certainly mean number 2.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Confirmation on the silence of Muslims

Here you go. This is what happens when you follow one version of Islam, but not the radical jihadi version. Vermin low life scum.
Muslim shopkeeper murdered by fellow Muslims

Source: The Blaze

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thoughts about the attacks in Brussels (and Paris, and London, and Spain, and Mumbai, and Kenya, and the USA, etc. etc. etc.)

These attacks all have one thing in common.....and it's the 800 pound gorilla that liberals across the world will deny with their last breath....THEY WERE CARRIED OUT BY MUSLIMS!

There, I've said it for the panty-peeing liberals. It seems the followers of "the religion of peace" really aren't so peaceful. "But wait" the libs say, "it is only a handful of bad actors that do this! You can't paint all Muslims with a broad brush like that!" Oh but I can, and I will. The liberal morons seem to have no trouble doing this EXACT same thing to the millions of peaceable gun owners across the country, every time some nut goes on a murder spree. They just use moral equivalence to portray all gun owners as a moment away from snapping, and either perpetrating mass murder or just gunning someone down over a parking space. So using their logic, I will do the same, but my version is more realistic. Whereas the peaceable gun owners will stand and shout "That is not us!", the silence from the ENTIRE Muslim community is deafening. That tells me, they are probably all secretly cheering the jihadis that decided to punch the detonator to get their virgins.

Am I an islamaphobe? Probably, but I never used to be. You might even say they brought the phenomenon of Islamophobia onto themselves. Even after losing a childhood friend in the Beirut U.S.M.C. Barracks bombing in 1983, I did not start paying attention to Islam and jihad until after the first World Trade Center bombing of 1993, the Khobar Towers bombing of 1996, and finally the east African embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. From then on, I began to pay attention to who these people were and what they were up to. The rise of the Taliban and the destruction of ancient historic religious relics in Afghanistan was quite disturbing. I started to realize they wanted to wipe out any existence they found "insulting to Islam", and that hit home on 9-11. A little known fact....I was 39 years old when 9-11 took place, and was at the maximum age to re-enlist having prior military service. I was so badly affected by it, I was trying to find a way to go and kill as many of them as I could. It was impossible without just abandoning my family and responsibilities at home. If I let that all go to hell, what was the point of fighting for my American way of life? I made the mature, reasoned decision (call me a coward if that makes you feel better) to stay stateside, and love and protect my family. 

Back to the islamophobe question. They are here, and thanks to Barry Soetero and my asshole governor, more are coming. Mixed in with these un-vetted immigrants from God knows where, will be the radicalized jihadists. Therefore, since the so-called innocent Muslims don't speak out, I treat them all with suspicion. When I see that swarthy middle-eastern looking male of military age, I watch very closely. I pay attention to how he is dressed, his movements, actions, mannerisms, destination, etc. Any thing strange and my hand is on my gun. Before he gets out the last syllable of "ALOHA SNACKBAR!" (I know it's actually "Allahu Akbhar" I just want to insult them some more) he will have been ventilated several times with center mass burning holes. I hope maybe I can shut down his central nervous system before he completes his mission. The same goes for the women, whether they have little suicide bombers with them or not. Spot them easily wearing a hijab (head scarf), jilbab (full robe), or a freakin' burka. I will steer clear of the last two, which can easily hide weapons or explosives. In fact, I once got off an MBTA train outside of Boston, when a woman that was completely covered like that got on. I just waited a few minutes at the stop for the next train, and only did that because it was one of the rare times I was only armed with a blade.

To the casual reader, it probably seems as though I live my life in constant fear. On the contrary, I don't really fear very much. I say one man's "fear" is another man's "preparedness." I try to be armed at all times, am always keenly aware of my surroundings, constantly scanning faces and places for threats, and if I don't like the situation will try to promptly remove myself from it. For all the years I have carried a firearm, I only displayed it once to a potential intruder at my own home, and he quickly left. I have always thought that I have probably been passed over by bad guys many times, because I walk with my head up paying attention. It is this same attitude and action that will hopefully keep me from becoming the victim of a jihadi.

 My permanent solution to the jihadi problem, once we know where they live.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The initial post.....From Behind Enemy Lines

I am a third generation American, whose great-grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from Auschwitz, Poland in the early 1900's. Because of my Polish heritage emanating from Auschwitz , I have adopted the online persona of my hero, the ultimate volunteer and unsung hero, Captain Witold Pilecki. In 1940, he volunteered for and successfully entered the Auschwitz concentration camp for the purposes of intelligence gathering, putting his life in grave danger. He escaped in 1943 after 2 1/2 years in captivity, and then took part in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Just like in my own life, where no good deed ever seems to go unpunished, Witold Pilecki was arrested in 1947 by the Stalinist Secret Police when the Soviets took over Poland. His crime? He had remained loyal to the London based Polish government-in-exile, and for his loyalty, he was executed in 1948 after a show trial, and his body unceremoniously dumped in a mass grave.

Ever since 1994, I have been living a life behind enemy lines. It was re-affirmed in 2013 in the post Sandy Hook lunatic asylum I refer to as The Peoples Socialist Republic of Kommiecticut (known from now on as the PSRK). In the wake of a terrible mass murder, and under the guise of "we have to do something!" many good citizens were turned into felons. Using legislative dirty tricks in the dark of night, and the stroke of a tyrant's pen, it was made binding into law. Known officially as SB1160, it is more accurately called the "intolerable and unconstitutional acts." The anti-Second Amendment foes in this state, using the usual moral equivalence, damned all the non-criminal gun owners of this state for the crimes of a lunatic. While Sandy Hook was the most infamous and arguably the worst mass murder (BTW...there were 28 victims, not just 26) by a crazed gunman in the PSRK, there were two others prior. On Friday March 6, 1998, a disgruntled accountant at the CT Lottery headquarters in Newington, CT shot and killed four of his co-workers. On Wednesday August 4, 2010, a disgruntled worker at Hartford Distributors in Manchester, CT shot and killed eight co-workers before turning the gun on himself. The killer (who will not be named here) had been caught stealing, and decided it was only because he was black and his co-workers were just racists. Since only black lives matter, he did what any oppressed individual does to the man, and killed them. He was obviously a pioneer of the BLM movement, he just didn't know it.

As I said, I have been behind enemy lines since 1994. Let me explain. That is when the PSRK decided that the federal "assault weapons ban" wasn't good enough, we need to have our own without a sunset provision. As you can see by the dates, it had been in effect almost four years when the lottery shootings occurred, but didn't stop it or the next two. I knew from the beginning, that participating in the requirements of that law were not smart, and not conducive to firearms ownership and freedom in general. I had unwittingly stumbled upon what is now known as The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance. By using their own law against them, which uses cosmetic features to determine the lethality of a firearm, I simply modified a "banned" firearm. While I will not go into any details, it was a simple modification that did not harm the firearm in any way, and actually made it better than it originally was. You see, the law states that if you add these cosmetic features, you create an assault weapon where none existed before. Conversely, if you remove those terrible features the firearm must be less deadly, and therefore not banned. I have never discussed this with anyone until now, and felt like a lone wolf for 19 years. When the tyrants perpetrated their treason in 2013, I knew I was not going to participate once again. Little did I know that this time I would be in the company of so many Patriots that would also deny the tyrants their power. Non-compliance rates in the PSRK are estimated at 85%, and 95% in NY (where the falsely named "SAFE Act" was crammed through the legislature using unusual know, political dirty tricks). Unfortunately, we've all seen the photos of those sheeple, lined up outside the CT Public Safety complex in Middletown, CT to get that registration in under the deadline. If you haven't, then here is that disgusting display of cowardice:


There are six principles to The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance, they are:


While the first five principles are pretty self explanatory (again, no details of my participation), it is the last principle that requires real commitment. Right now, the tyrants are all scared shitless to do anything about the non-compliance. Oh sure, they blustered early on about "aggressive enforcement" .....blah-blah-blah. Other than charging a handful of idiots doing stupid things, and criminals for being criminals, there has been zero "aggressive enforcement." IF, and I do mean IF.....the tyrants ever feel froggy enough to try and enforce the law; which, make no mistake about it, will require armed forced confiscations; the death toll on both sides will be terrifying. I don't believe it would last very long for several reasons, one of which has to do with those that have sworn an oath not obeying illegal orders. For the time being we are status quo, and I know I certainly prefer to be left alone. At least until I can un-ass from this place that has been my home for over 50 years, and get to a free state.