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Friday, September 13, 2019

The Lie Has Been Exposed

Forever, all of the gun ban crowd has stated over and over "no one is coming for your guns." The list is huge of these liars; Sandy Hook Promise, Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) & Everytown For Gun Safety, The Brady Campaign, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, The Parkland students, etc.

Then there are the organizations unfriendly to gun ownership that made the same claim:

Ambulatory Pediatric Association
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Civil Liberties Union
American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing
American Medical Women’s Association
American Medical Student Association
American Medical Association
American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
American Trauma Society
American Federation of Teachers
American Association of School Administrators
American Alliance for Rights and Responsibilities
American Medical Association
American Bar Association
American Counseling Association
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Association for World Health
American Ethical Union
American Nurses Association
American Association of Neurological Surgeons
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
American Firearms Association
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
American Jewish Committee
American Trauma Society
American Psychological Association
American Jewish Congress
American Public Health Association
Americans for Democratic Action
Anti-Defamation League
Black Mental Health Alliance
B’nai B’rith
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Children’s Defense Fund
Church of the Brethren
Coalition for Peace Action
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
College Democrats of America
Committee for the Study of Handgun Misuse & World Peace
Common Cause
Congress of National Black Churches, Inc.
Congress of Neurological Surgeons
Consumer Federation of America
Council of the Great City Schools
Council of Chief State School Officers
Dehere Foundation
Disarm Educational Fund
Environmental Action Foundation
Episcopal Church-Washington Office
Florence and John Shumann Foundation
Friends Committee on National Legislation
General Federation of Women’s Clubs
George Gund Fun
Gray Panthers
H.M. Strong Foundation
Harris Foundation
Hechinger Foundation
Interfaith Neighbors
Int’l Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union
Int’l Association of Educators for World Peace
Jewish Labor Committee
Joyce Foundation
Lauder Foundation
Lawrence Foundation
League of Women Voters of the United States*
Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Manhattan Project II
Mennonite Central Committee-Washington Office
National Safe Kids Campaign
National Association of Police Organizations
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Black Nurses’ Association
National Association of Chain Drug Stores
National Network for Youth
National Assembly of National Voluntary Health & Social Welfare Organizations
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Association of School Psychologists
National Association of Counties*
National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates & Practitioners
National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers
National Education Association
National Association of Elementary School Principals*
National Association of Public Hospitals
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Association of Secondary School Principals
National Association of Social Workers
National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions
National Association of School Psychologists
National Council of La Raza
National Center to Rehabilitate Violent Youth
National Commission for Economic Conversion & Disarmament
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA
National Council of Negro Women
National Association of Community Health Centers
National People’s Action
National Education Association*
National League of Cities
National Council on Family Relations
National Council of Jewish Women
National Organization for Women
National Political Congress of Black Women
National Parks and Conservation Association
National Peace Foundation
National Urban League, Inc.
National Parent, Teachers Association*
National Urban Coalition
National SAFE KIDS Campaign
National Organization on Disability
National Spinal Cord Injury Association
NETWORK: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby
Ortenberg Foundation
Peace Action
People for the American Way
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Police Foundation
Project on Demilitarization and Democracy
Public Citizen
Society of Critical Care Medicine
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
The Council of the Great City Schools
The Synergetic Society
20/20 Vision
U.S. Catholic Conference, Dept. of Social Development
Union of American Hebrew Congregations
Unitarian Universalist Association
United States Catholic Conference
United Methodist Church, General Board & Church Society
United Church of Christ, Office for Church in Society*
United States Conference of Mayors
War and Peace Foundation
Women Strike for Peace
Women’s National Democratic Club
Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND)
Women’s Int’l League for Peace and Freedom
World Spiritual Assembly, Inc.
YWCA of the U.S.A.

Don't forget the lists of companies, their executives, the celebrities, and the media organizations that have all repeated the same bullshit that WE ALL KNEW WAS A LIE. That they want nothing less than total civilian disarmament. Well.....last night, good ol' Robert "Beta Male" O'Rourke stated it on national television. THEY WILL TAKE AWAY YOUR FIREARMS. The AR/AK statement will be just the beginning.

In case you didn't see or hear it.....

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Up For The Challenge?

"If you want to control the climate here on Earth, you need to find the thermostat on the giant ball of fire in the sky. Anything else is just a scheme to steal my wealth, property, and freedom."

Go ahead....convince me otherwise.

The NRA Is Already A Terrorist Organization

With all the hub-bub over some dizzy bitch on the San Francisco board of supervisors declaring the NRA a "terrorist organization", all I can say is, "you're a little late to the party, dummy." Wannabe tyrant and former Kommiecticut governor Dannel P. Malloy and his protege Hartford mayor Luke Bronin made me a terrorist by proxy on March 6, 2018

CT March 6, 2018 - The NRA Has Become A terrorist Organization

Bronin also proposed changing every state statute or documentation that mentioned the NRA so that those despicable three letters were stricken forever, kind of like Egyptian pharaohs removing any mention of the previous pharaoh. The NRA is the only organization authorized by state statute to provide firearms safety training. Striking their name would have left a hole in the permit process to be filled by whom? Plus it would have cost a fortune and a legislative nightmare to accomplish. That never happened, but I proudly wear my label of NRA terrorist.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Outdoor Defecation - Not Just a San Francisco Problem

This article in the link is from August 2017. The map doesn't show the west coast of the U.S., I guess it needs updating.

National Geographic Magazine Article

Monday, September 2, 2019

STFU; Because Nobody Cares What You Have To Say!!

Since the "incident" at Sandy Hook (and until an unredacted report is released by the CT State Police, that is how I will refer to it, because anything else is speculation) where TWENTY EIGHT people (not the 26 normally counted because they are "special") were allegedly murdered, two annoying groups of anti-gun zealots are consistently in the news. I believe (based on their own words and actions) their purposes are two-fold; GOAL #1, nothing less than total civilian disarmament. GOAL #2, to keep picking at that scab to keep it fresh and bloody to be able achieve GOAL #1. The two groups are Newtown Action Alliance and Sandy Hook Promise. After every mass shooting one or both groups feel the need to issue statements in the media (which is more than happy to supply cameras and microphones) or on social media. After the shootings in Odessa, Texas on Saturday they were at it again. However, I for one am sick of their hypocritical "pick and choose a tragedy" so it fits their narrative and narrow agenda of civilian disarmament. In response to The Odessa shootings, below is a tweet from the NAA twits:

They also issued a statement I saw on Fox 61 CT this morning, and below are the three screen captures from the broadcast, since this statement isn't found anywhere online in text. Apparently they aren't proud enough of their position to have it easily searched on. I'm not surprised.

NAA Statement Part 1

NAA Statement Part 2

NAA Statement Part 3

Here's the part that gets me. If they are so concerned with gun violence and it's prevention, instead of just total civilian disarmament, how about paying attention to more than just mass shootings, what about places like Chicago? LA? Boston? NYC? Baltimore? Since they won't, I will.

A great and humorous website about the gun violence in Chicago is called Hey Jackass and it was named such to try and get Obummer's attention. You see, that Jackass totally ignored the mayhem occurring in his own hometown. With all the focus on Texas over the weekend, how about the mostly people of color being brutally gunned down in Chi-Town just this weekend.....hmmmmm?
Here are the stats as of right now since Friday afternoon:
Screenshot from

By my count, 9 people were shot and killed and 26 shot and wounded, more than from the shootings in Odessa. This chart only shows the violence with firearms, visit the rest of the site to see how many other folks died from other methods. Don't forget, this is just Chicago over the holiday weekend.

My point is this; these groups and the legacy media ONLY focus on the high-profile shootings that help further the agenda. The real final agenda is full blown communism, certainly not the "benign" democratic socialism portrayed by AOC and the 2020 Demon-crat candidates for president and every other office. Communism can not exist with an armed population, so step one...disarm the citizens. While I am fed up with Wayne LaPierre of the NRA, he did utter a question to Bill Clinton after Columbine that rings oh so true, about how many killings Demon-crats were willing to accept in order to further the agenda of gun control? I ask that same type of question again here and now of all Demon-crat candidates for office campaigning much death are you willing to accept without tackling the real problems that YOUR ideology and policies have created, because the problem is not civilian firearms ownership or The second Amendment.

Also, I pose this to Newtown Action Alliance and Sandy Hook Promise; You must be a bunch of racists, since you don't seem to care about the non-ending killing of people of color.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

How To Not Look Like An Asshole

Much like the fire service, the motorcycle community is a brotherhood (OK sisters too, I do know many lady riders). A rider is a rider regardless of style of bike or brand. Two wheels or three; V-Twin, inline four, six cylinder (like mine), or a Ford flat head V-8 (Boss Hoss); chopper, boulevarder, crotch rocket, custom, or touring; American, Japanese, German, Italian, or English; it matters not. At least, that is how it should be, and that is how I view it.

That said, there are a few Harley-Davidson riders that are such hard core haters of any bike that is not H-D. I don't know of any other brand of item that holds such a loyalty that the owner thinks, "fuck everything and everyone else!" It is by no means all of them, but it is just like the jihadi terrorists; not all Muslims are terrorists, but a good 99.9% of the terrorists are Muslim. And I am going to call it as I see it.

Over the last week with my wife away, I put a lot of miles on my bike, culminating in today's 130 mile two state jaunt. As always, I wave at every other bike I see. Most wave back (over 90%+ is my estimate), except for those few assholes I mentioned and a very few that maybe really didn't see me. does it look to other people on the road to see one biker wave to the other, and that other guy not reciprocate? I know what I would think...."that other guy MUST BE A REAL ASSHOLE!"

So, if you ride a Harley-Davidson and you are one of those "haters", just pull the giant stick out of your ass, try smiling while you ride, and wave to all other bikes on the road. Because it is really great fun to ride, not "serious business", and unless you are a professional racer on the track you do not "Ride to Live." Please get over yourself.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Why No Comments?

Apparently, I am such a wise sage on all subjects, that whatever I say cannot be refuted or need any discussion at all. I get plenty of traffic on my musings, yet NO ONE feels the need to comment. David Codrea of the blog War On Guns put it best in an email back to me regarding my comments on his blog, stating, "Thanks for adding value to the posts with comments." That is exactly what I want, added value from the readership, whether negative, positive, or neutral commentary. Of course, as the only administrator of my blog, comments will need approval, but I can count on one hand how many idiotic and insulting comments I have deleted ever since my blogs inception.

So stroke my ego....let me know what you think once in a while.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Recycling...It Has Become a JOKE!

I used to be a religious recycler. Each weekend, in preparation for the weekly trip to the town transfer station (which I still refer to as the dump just to piss off town officials), I would ensure there were no recyclables in the trash. Picking through to pull out errant toilet paper rolls, small plastic bottles, maybe some kind of plastic or cardboard packaging, junk mail, etc. well, no more!

First off, I found out that most of what we as Americans recycle, goes to China. I always thought the soda bottles I recycled last time became new ones here. The cardboard became new Amazon or pizza boxes. The glass, crushed, melted and became new beer bottles. WRONG! It all went to the Chi-Coms, which they gladly accepted, until recently. Apparently the stuff we were sending them wasn't clean enough, so they are now rejecting it. If a bale of recyclable material isn't 99.5% clean and ready to go, the whole thing is rejected. Towns in Kommiecticut used to get paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $85 per ton of recyclables hauled away. Now, cities like New Britain (according to mayor Erin Stewart) have to pay the haulers by the ton to take it away, and it most likely ends up in a landfill. It is now a worldwide problem, because China took everyone's recyclable material, not just the U.S. I also heard a news story (which I'll be damned if I can find on-line) about how much water and energy is wasted trying to clean something messy like an empty peanut butter jar to make it acceptable for recycling. The net loss in energy compared to making a new one of virgin material is measurable.

Don't get me wrong, I am not to the point where I just throw everything out. Not yet, but I am all done picking through my trash, and spending time, water, and energy to clean empty containers just to make it acceptable to the Chi-Coms.

Another word about referring to the transfer station as the dump, and this is what I tell those town officials that get all twitchy about what I call it....I don't care where you transfer my trash to after I "dump" it there. So it is a DUMP!

Here is an informative link about the recycling problems with China.

Shadow Banned....By Google

Do a search on the title of my blog "Thoughts From Behind Enemy Lines" on any search engine but Google, and I am the top listing (Bing, Duck-Duck-Go, Yahoo). Makes perfect sense because it is an exact match of the title. But on the omnipotent Google, even drilling down 16 pages, my blog can not be found. Then it tells you it omitted 160 possibilities, would you like to search again with those included. Guess what....even with those 160 entries, my blog STILL does not list on Google. Which leads me to a conclusion, that their super secret algorithms are geared to block any content that is anti-libtard, or they have an army of pajama clad basement dwellers manually blocking searches to blogs and sites like mine.

Which is it, Google? EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

While not really a fan of government interference in private companies, somehow Google, Twitter, and FakeBook (which I do not use anyway) need to be held accountable and punished, by the user community, because they are NOT purveyors of free speech they claim to be.