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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

NO! On Bill #787

I receive regular emails from CT State Senator Len Suzio about issues affecting citizens of the PSRK. In one of the latest, Emperor Dannel I and his obedient minions have decided to try and close the $1.7B budget gap with an additional $9M to $11M on the backs of firearms permit holders, by raising all associated permit fees by 400%. They say it is to raise needed revenue, however, THAT IS A LIE! It is strictly a punishment against a group of citizens PSRK LIBTARDS view as political opponents. The evidence of this is as follows; the PSRK State Police Firearms Unit has reported that they are one of the few state agencies that exceeds revenue expectations and run a surplus, strictly using the fees they collect at current rates. Also, no other licenses or fees collected by the state are being raised. If license revenue was such a boon to state coffers, why would they not raise all license fees?

The following is the written public testimony I have submitted to the PSRK General Assembly. As you can see, I don't hold back:

Once again, the Administration and General Assembly shows just how hostile it is to The US Constitution's
Bill of Rights, particularly the Second Amendment, as well as The Connecticut Constitution Article The First
Sec.15, and of course all legal firearms ownership. Raising the fees to a punitive level for background
checks, initial permit application, and renewals will NEVER raise enough revenue to even start to close
the monstrous budget deficits. Those were not caused by diminishing revenue, but by out of control
spending in Hartford. But then, as most of us firearms owners and permit holders know, balancing a
budget is not really the intent here. The real intent is more gun control using the declining personal
income of citizens that will no longer be able to afford permits. As confirmation of this theory, no proposals
have been raised to increase any other license or permit fees required in the state.

Perhaps the state would be fine with folks no longer acquiring or renewing their permits, and going full
"Constitutional Carry" like the criminal element does? After all, criminals seem to have no problem acquiring
and carrying firearms WITHOUT paying punitive fees to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights. Or, is
the state happy with just creating another reason for the declining population of the state I now call

 I have also commented back to Sen Suzio about the upcoming $300,000.00 cut that will close all the state's rest areas permanently. Last fall, they cut the open hours of the rest areas to 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, which was bad. I told him that the state will turn the shoulders of all the roads in the state to one big outdoor toilet. When public testimony opens on this subject, I will be sure to let them know where I stand.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Had to School My Wife

I hate to use that term, because my wife is a normally savvy and intelligent woman. The other night, while watching the news, the story was on about the ICE raids around the nation, and the round-up of illegals for deportation. I said aloud at the TV "Round `em Up!" My wife turns and looks at me and exclaims, "How can you say that! You're entire family history is based on immigration!" She had fallen prey to the #FAKENEWS stories that do not draw the distinction between my great-grandparents from Canada held up for vetting in Vermont, or from Poland held up for God knows how long at Ellis Island, from those that enter illegally. Also, those that are being deported right now have committed crimes while being here illegally. My ancestors were NOT criminals. They were all hard working and God-fearing people employed in the mills and textile factories of Massachusetts. They raised their families and paid their taxes and were upstanding members of their communities. While it is true they were all white of European descent, that didn't make them any better than any brown people that came here, because they ALL assimilated to the American way of life and learned English. They did this without discarding their heritage. Although most of my family is French-Canadian, I got most of my ethnic heritage from my maternal grandmother's Polish family. Devout Catholics, we celebrated Christmas and Easter with traditional Polish food, which I still enjoy whenever I can. I am pro-immigration as long as the country can handle the numbers wanting to come into the U.S., but anyone that comes here MUST enter legally, assimilate to American culture, learn English, and not come looking for a handout.

After that brief exchange with my wife, she has been silent on the issue.

I Am Done With The CT Citizens Defense League (CCDL)

Did anyone seriously expect the attacks on our 2nd Amendment Rights to slow here in the PSRK? The state budget is in the red by $1.7B for at least each of the next two years, but as we know, the marxist pigs in Hartford can never get rid of true waste and bloat. I mean, do we really expect them to eliminate political hack jobs like the 2nd Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner of Economic Development in Asia? Or not spend $250M they don't have, to renovate the XL Center in Hartford with the delusional hope that the NY Islanders hockey team might want to move there? Or the ever growing expansion of the "Magic Bus" that state officials STILL haven't produced ridership numbers for? We all knew that boondoggle was going to consume state subsidies forever. In order to try and raise the paltry sum of about $11M, Emperor Dannel I has proposed raising gun permit fees from $70 for five years to $300, as well as other fee increases for background checks.

In light of these proposals, The CT Citizens Defense League posted a blog post about it, which I decided to comment on. The link to the blog is below:

CCDL Blog: CT To Sharply Increase Gun Permit Fees

Scroll down to read my comment of February 12th, and the reply from Chris Lemos of the CCDL. It was his reply that made me realize that the CCDL is no better than Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, BLM, and all the other race-baiting poverty hustlers out there. They need poverty and racial tensions to keep fund raising and living high on the hog. I now view an organization like CCDL the same way. Especially the way they deny the fact that there IS widespread Armed Civil Disobedience in the PSRK, which is confirmed by the fact that the CT State Police have not and will not release the numbers regarding compliance rates. I can attest personally, that the underground gun economy is still quite active, with firearms transfers occurring WITHOUT state permission, and smuggling in of forbidden items from Free states happens regularly. In fact, I would surmise that the PSRK had more control of firearms before 2013 than they do now.

If all of a sudden, the PSRK went full Constitutional Carry and became the freest state in the union as far as firearms go, there would be a bunch of unhappy and unemployed miscreants.

I prefer this......

....over this! These are the sheeple that lined up on the last possible day at the PSRK state public safety complex in Middletown to register their now banned items.

And for anyone that thinks the 2nd Amendment is just about your hunting rights, a brief lesson.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Captain Witold Pilecki's Aushwitz Report

Thanks to a Twitter follower named Tomek Kulpa, that I assume is either a Polish citizen or a Polish immigrant to the US, I received a link to Captain Witold Pilecki's first hand account of his time at Auschwitz. It was hand written by him in Polish and translated to English. It is an incredible read, and the fact he subjected himself to those horrors for the greater good of exposing what was really happening, is absolutely mind-blowing. I urge everyone to take the time to read it. I have it as a permanent link on the main page of this blog, and for convenience it is below.

Captain Witold Pilecki's Auschwitz Report

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Had Enough Yet, Kommiefornia?

So Californians, have you had enough yet? Just like in Massachusetts, a simple re-write of regulations and "POOF" you are now in possession of illegal firearms. Were they previously registered? Then you are on the list, for when the tyrant's obedient, oath-breaking, jack-booted goons come to your door at zero-dark-thirty for forced confiscation.

The "Bullet Button", once a compliance, is now "VERBOTTEN!"

It is not too late to salvage your Liberty, but it requires use of the Armed Civil Disobedience. As a refresher here are the requirements:


DO NOT participate in their new registration scheme. Years ago, long gun owners in the sewer that is NYC, were told they could possess their rifles and shotguns if they were registered. On November 18, 2013 gun owners in NYC began receiving notices like the one in this article. Whether they complied or not is unknown, I assume they did, probably by getting the guns out of the city. We here in the PSRK have certainly given a giant middle finger salute to Hartford in response to their post Sandy Hook gun control with an 85% non-compliance rate. 

People across America are fed up. Armed Civil Disobedience is alive and well in CT, NY, MA, MD, CO, WA, & OR. Michael Bloomberg and his band of misguided losers have been soundly defeated in ME and a couple of southern states after spending MILLIONS to try and influence referendums and elections to favor gun control. Now with Trump about to take office and promising restoration of our 2nd Amendment rights, the future looks much brighter. 

To those morons that think gun control is STILL the answer, I have but one word for you.....


Monday, January 16, 2017

The Captain on Twitter

Ever since its inception, I have shunned social media. In my own family, Fakebook has caused strife and separation. I find it mostly vapid and narcissistic. I mean, do you need to see what I had for lunch today? Maybe you'd like to see it again a few hours later floating in a toilet....hmmmm?

I have been on Twitter since June. It started off slow, but I now have over 500 followers, and growing every day. Since I don't use it to make money I refuse to "buy" blocks of followers, and am not yet "famous" enough to have the numbers like, say, a Lady Gaga. I gain my followers the old fashioned way. Someone likes or re-tweets a post, or if they follow me first, I follow back with very few exceptions. Those exceptions are people or organizations that are just selling something, like books, services, products, etc. I have a couple of followers that are reporters and authors, but along with occasionally promoting their books, they post conservative content I find interesting and agree with, and they will respond directly to me. That's another thing, I am not interested in having a Twitter war with some liberal nut, commie, SJW, or snowflake. I am on Twitter to dialogue with like minded folks, and from what I see there are lots of true American Patriots out there. It could be fun to get some hate, death threats, maybe targeting from Southern Poverty Law Center, but none yet. I have even poked at the SPLC, as well as certain asshole US Senators (Blumenthal, Murphy, Schumer, Warren, and McCain), and douche-bags in Hollyood (Lena Dunham, Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, Madonna) but I am just small fry. For now. Twitter is why my posting on this blog has slowed from the fever pitch of the earlier days. But I will not abandon it, I use both, and when I post new content here, I tweet a link to the blog and get reader traffic that way. Tweets are limited to 140 characters. You can get away with more if you create text in a .jpg and add it to your post as a photo. If I have much more to say, it will be here.

If you are so inclined to join Twitter, do as I do and PLEASE use a pseudonym. Unless you want to personally be attacked, threatened, or possibly lose a job, do not EVER use your real name. Leave that to the narcissistic Hollywood types or politicians. You can find me on Twitter at @witold_pilecki  Only a couple of people actually know I am on Twitter and even fewer know my true identity, and I see no reason to change that.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Saturday Breakfast Post - Carried in a GFDZ...AGAIN!

As regular readers know, I am an active participant in the Armed Civil disobedience. This has many elements, one of which is the ignorance of the GFDZ (Gun-Free Death Zone) designation. Here in the liberal utopia that is the PSRK, that designation carries the force of law without the stringent requirements of other states, and it is a felony. I always carry concealed, and pay particular attention to the different parts of personal defense carry; weather/climate, wardrobe, geographical location, high crime area, activity I am participating in, etc. I ensure that no one will know I am carrying unless the time comes to draw my weapon and defend myself.

Last night, my adult daughter and I attended a performance at The Bushnell Performing Arts Center in Hartford. It was a 7:30 PM showing of the Monty Python classic "The Holy Grail", followed by a personal appearance and Q & A with John Cleese. The movie is one of our all time favorites, and John Cleese was very funny, and we gained insight into the Monty Python troupe that we never had. A couple of times, he made disparaging comments about Trump and the election in general, but he is a I figured since he is a British "subject" and not a "citizen" it probably did not make a lot of sense to him what really happened on November 8th. I did notice though, that he never mentioned Killary or the thought she might be better, so I also think he said what he said more for the comedy aspect. He did also speak to the Brexit situation, and did not really have anything good to say about the EU, so how bad can he really be?

The Bushnell is located in the capitol area, right on the edge of the high crime/drug-infested Frog Hollow neighborhood, and next to Bushnell Park. Crime can come at you from two different directions. Parking for the Bushnell is either on the streets, or in the parking lots for all the state buildings in the immediate area. Parking is free, however, you will be walking on the streets to get to the theater. Is that somewhere an individual such as myself is going to go defenseless? No. A little over a year ago, the Bataclan Theater in Paris was attacked by jihadi gunmen. Was I going to be trapped in theater defenseless. HELL NO! The Bushnell has an "All Weapons Forbidden" policy, clearly stated when you purchase tickets. What I wasn't sure of, is whether they would be searching or have metal detectors at the door. I got there early enough to scope it out, and if they did, decide whether I would not see the show, or return to my truck and secure (which I can) my firearm. It turns out, they do not check! The weapon of choice last night was my Ruger SR9c, carried IWB at the small of my back, and one spare mag in a carrier on my left rear hip. While I really wanted my Glock 21 in .45 ACP with TWO extra mags, that would have been too difficult with the small theater seats. I would have had to keep my coat on the whole time to remain concealed. It would not have been comfortable at all. The SR9c and magazine was tucked under my pullover and remained out of sight. My daughter did not know for sure I was carrying, however, she knows me well, and I'm sure she figured I was. We have not discussed it, and it really isn't necessary.

Everyone has to do what is best for them. I encourage those of you, brave and responsible enough to do as I do, ignore the GFDZ designation and carry everywhere. I have been carrying almost daily since 1983. The only time I ever drew a handgun for possible defense (did not fire) was at my own front door. It is for the good of yourself, loved ones, everyone around you, and the nation.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

News from Behind Enemy Lines

Tomorrow, December 14th, is the fourth anniversary of the mass murders in Newtown, CT. Contrary to the way this is always written and spoken about, 28 people died that day, not the 26 normally reported. According to the liberal media and the gun-grabbing libtards in the PSRK, only twenty precious elementary school students and their six educators died that day. WRONG! Nancy Lanza was the first victim shot by her son Adam, and Adam himself was the final victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound as police approached. But as I have said in earlier posts, you can't tug at the heartstrings and call for more gun control (ultimately universal civilian disarmament) if you count all the victims. I have also previously declared that the PSRK is ultimately responsible for all 28 deaths, since it was THEIR failings that Adam was not able to get the mental health care he needed. Tomorrow, from 09:30 to 09:45, the entire town of Newtown will stop. No work will be performed anywhere in town so everyone can sit quietly and reflect. I call bullshit....they want to keep picking at that scab to keep the wound fresh and bloody in preparation for the upcoming legislative session. So, between 09:30 and 09:45 tomorrow I will be shooting in my backyard range. I will fire one round every 32 seconds (28 for the entire 15 minutes) into a old frying pan I have suspended from a tree branch out back. Just to make some joyful noise...the report of the rifle and the clang of the pan. Supposedly, no town employee will answer any phones during that period either. So, if you have nothing to do during that period, feel free to constantly ring the phones at town offices, public works, the schools, etc for the entire 15 minutes. I celebrate the day every year as "National Firearms Appreciation Day" and actually purchased a firearm on this date in 2014.

The other day, Emperor Dannel I poo-pooed the looming $1.5B budget deficit for FY 2017, not as the huge over-spending mess that it is, just that due to the slow recovering state economy, revenues aren't coming in as projected. Is this asshole delusional or what? What a bunch of political double-speak, much like what comes out of his master's pie-hole. In this state, as we all know there is always but one BOHICA everyone! (For those who were never in the military, BOHICA is an acronym for "Bend Over, Here It Comes Again")

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Search For New Employment

While I try to limit blog posts about me personally. Mr. B. Woodman, one of the regular readers and commenters has asked. So, here is my tale.

I worked in the telecommunications industry. It was something that was very lucrative and looked like it would go on forever. I started working in the industry at 19. My earnings increased dramatically over the years as I advanced myself, until 2008. Between industry collapse and the economy going down the shitter (regardless of what the lies and propaganda of the current administration says), it was lose-lose, and I had been treading water for the last 8 years. I am now 54 and collecting unemployment for the first time in my life. How did this happen? Was I an alcoholic, drug abuser, problem gambler, or some type of criminal? Nope....just squeezed out of the work force like pus out of a pimple. I was working in a dying industry for a company that was mis-managed and had no focus. Their business plan was built around sales, that used a weak sales force that was non-existent in some key geographic market areas. However, compared to my peers, I have outlasted a lot of them.

When the technology evolved, the telephone, which was once a vital piece of business equipment, became something that was now less important. People became so used to the crappy call quality of packetized voice from cell phones, that call quality no longer mattered. Nobody wanted another piece of equipment on their desk, so the phone became an app on a computer. And look at all the neat toys that the phone now has! Because of this, the phone system fell under the responsibility of the IT Department, instead of a dedicated Telecom Department. The IT Departments really hate dealing with voice (because they view it as voo-doo and don't really understand it), so it falls by the wayside until the shit hits the fan. Then it's a mad scramble to try and fix things. 99% of the time, the problems were caused by the IT Department, doing things to their network with no regard to the voice portion, and no involvement of us that service the voice system. All we got was the panic emergency call on Monday morning that the system was down. Selling and installing a new system was just as bad. In the old days, a new system was planned to the enth degree. An install usually went off without a hitch and the need for very little change to the original plan. Now, it is ALWAYS a cluster-fuck. The systems are sold almost cookie cutter, because little attention was paid to all the users needs by those making the purchase. They are purchased and shipped as soon as the ink is dry on the contract, even though the new building being built is still a steel shell. But hey, gotta get that money rolling in! The equipment now has to be stored until the new building can accommodate the equipment. By then the software it was shipped with is out of date and all the equipment needs software, firmware, and sometimes hardware upgrades just to fire it up. By then the other players that should have been involved in system design come out of the woodwork demanding their needs be met. Now we don't have enough licenses for users or features. The change orders are starting to come fast and furious, as we get ready to bring equipment to site to rack-n-stack. Oops.....they totally forgot to have the electricians give us the power and grounding we asked for. So now the install is delayed because the racks have to be partially disassembled and moved for the electricians. Oh, and the cabling requirements also got changed without letting us know. "Yeah, we decided to go fiber optic to the closets" meaning we are now scrambling to get the proper fiber adapters for our data switches. Project management is an absolute nightmare, and the timeline for the project seems to go on forever, with the termination date constantly being pushed further down the road. Even when the project seems to be done, and the punch-list is complete, a conference call is setup and now it turns out that items that were completed months ago are back on the agenda. In the fire service, even on a large scale incident, there is termination of command and the incident is declared over. Whether the building is a smoking pile on the ground or still standing...IT IS OVER! When I was laid off, I told my employer that I am finished with the industry. I have remained true to that statement. There is one company in the PSRK still (successfully) doing this work, but I refuse to work for them. They are the collection of assholes I have worked for and with over the decades, and I would rather flip burgers at Mickey D's than work there.

I have decided to return to my roots which is electronics. I went to a state trade school instead of a traditional high school and studied electronics. The job hunting process is now completely on-line and I have filled out many applications for jobs in the electronics field. Because I hold a Class B CDL, I have also filled out applications for truck driver. This has been going on for over 2 months with no response from anyone. Job hunting is nothing like it used to be; making a personal appearances, knocking on doors, filling out applications and dropping off resumes. You give them only what they ask for on-line and you never hear back unless they really want you. Finally, last Wednesday morning, I picked up an email from United Technologies. It was an invitation to interview this Thursday December 1st, for the very first job I applied to, and the job I most desired. It is for a 2nd shift in house Electronics Technician to service the controls on their CNC manufacturing machines. The aerospace industry is exploding, so if I can get in now, I will hopefully be secure until I either retire, or decide to make my exit on my terms from this PSRK hell-hole. Financially we are still doing OK, and picked up some reasonable short-term medical insurance to cover catastrophic medical issues. It sure would be nice to have good wages, insurance benefits, a retirement plan/pension, and be able to put money in savings again.

If anyone has specific things they want to discuss, please use the "Contact Me Directly" email form on the right side of the main blog page. Then we can have more of a dialogue.

UPDATE 12-7-16: My interview went OK, now I am just waiting to hear back on whether I go any further. I am told by people in the know, that UTC does not move very fast. Just for "ha-ha's" I checked the UTC career site to see if there were any openings in my other field of expertise, emergency services. THERE WAS! I immediately applied for the open Firefighter/EMT/Security position on Friday morning. Last time, my applications sat in the "Application Received" mode for quite some time. Early Monday morning, when I checked my candidate status, the application status already showed "Application Under Review", meaning someone had picked it up. With 23 years in the fire service, and several high level state certifications, I feel my chances for this position are as good as anyone's.