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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Liberals Are ALWAYS Liberals First

I have been a faithful listener of Rush Limbaugh since 1991. I found him by accident after tuning in to a daily Gulf War briefing on the recent sorties against Saddam Hussein's forces to liberate Kuwait. When I got back to my truck after lunch, the radio was still tuned to the station I only listened to for the briefings....and here was this guy broadcasting in a style I never heard on AM radio before! Curious, I wanted to hear what he was talking about. He was saying stuff that was exactly the things I believed in, but never heard anyone else say. From that day forward, I was hooked. One of the things he said many years ago had to do with liberals always putting their liberalism before anything else. It explains a lot, when you take the time to list them.

  • The War on Women
The "War on Women" is supposedly perpetrated by Republicans and Conservatives in general, however nothing could be further from the truth. Conservative men I know, revere and respect the women in their lives, and in general. Conservative women don't vilify and will pray for women that don't believe as they do. This baloney is spewed as DNC talking points, then faithfully broadcast and printed by the legacy media. I guess the uninformed electorate gobbles it up and believes it, because after all, it was IN THE NEWS. But, it is the liberals that do the REAL damage to women in America, especially liberal women themselves. If women, who are supposed to be the protectors of children, don't support abortion (which is now morphing into full-blown INFANTICIDE), somehow they hate women. They will scream about "ripping children from the arms of their mothers" at the southern border, yet support jamming a pair of surgical scissors into the base of a baby's skull that was just born alive because the mother really intended to abort. If a woman happens to be a devout Christian or just a Conservative, then they are not only demonized, but they can expect to receive threats of violence or death against themselves and their family if they dare to speak out for their beliefs.
  • Blacks & Other Minorities Supporting the Democrat Plantation
The minorities of this country have been mostly supporting democraps for almost 60 years, based on the promises of a better life if they just vote democrap one more more more get the picture. With the election of President Trump, for the first time, their lives ARE GETTING BETTER, and they are starting to realize it. After all, it was the Republican Party under Abraham Lincoln that ended slavery, with the blood of 600,000+ American citizens. It was also thanks to the Republican Party that blacks got the full right to vote, and the Civil Rights Act. Yet somehow, through revisionist history democraps get the credit AND make the GOP out to be monsters wanting to, as Crazy Uncle Joe once said, "put y'all back in chains!" Democraps need to have a dependent permanent underclass to keep them in power.
  • Israel Hating Jews
I will never understand this one. The state of Israel was created out of the ashes of WWII and The Holocaust, yet liberal Jews here in America support democraps and their anti-Israel policies. The ones that puzzle me the most, are the ultra-orthodox and Hasidic Jews living in the shit hole that is NYC. There, they live in enclaves much like they did in pre-WWII Europe, running their businesses and living their lives in their faith, right up until Kristallnacht. There is a lot of antisemitism brewing and growing on the democrap side, and it won't be long until the "Jewish question" once again needs to be answered. What does that mean? You need to read some history, my friend.

  •  The Anti-Free Speech Fascists 
Free for me, but not for thee. Liberals vomit up some of the most ridiculous, absolutely moronic, and vile garbage you could ever hear, but no conservative will ever try to shut them up. We certainly won't stick around to listen to it, whether in person, on-line, or on any media. It is the right to speak, not the right to be listened to. On the other hand, LIBTARDS will go to extreme measures to prevent a conservative not only from speaking, but from even being able to show up to make a speech. They will claim to be so emotionally triggered by the mere presence of an individual, that they will be allowed to hide in safe spaces, be hospitalized with medical trauma, or erupt into mob violence unabated. Once again, these supporters of democraps, that supposedly support freedom and "the little guy" are the exact opposite of what they claim. One last funny thing, a lot of them claim to be ANTIFA, the Anti-Fascist, however they actually exercise the most stringent of fascist behaviors that they are supposed to abhor.
  • The Gun-Grabbing Hoplohobes
Guns for me, but not for thee. Anti-Second Amendment democrap candidate for the 2020 presidential campaign, Kamala Harris has a (difficult to get) California CCW permit and has admitted to carrying a firearm. Yet her political stance and that of the DNC is for basically total civilian disarmament. They will never try to repeal the Second Amendment (because they couldn't), so they try to use "end-run tactics" to accomplish their goals. The list of these liberal gun grabbers that either have their own firearms, or an armed security detail is quite long. Look it up for yourself. I always use the term coined by the late Col. Jeff Cooper of "Hoplophobe" to describe anti-gun people, that is someone with an irrational, morbid fear of guns. The gun-grabbing tyrants are starting to understand the push back of ACD (Armed Civil Disobedience), and are mostly frightened into inaction about it. God help us all if that ever changes.
  • THE LATEST - Open Borders & Sanctuary Cities....Just N.I.M.B.Y.
A brilliant stroke of genius from President Trump...ship the illegal aliens being held at the southern border to the sanctuary cities and states. OMG....the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the LIBTARDS that run the sanctuary cities was hilarious, and so demonstrably hypocritical. The LIBTARDS want open borders, just not open to where they live.

I am sure there are more examples I haven't thought of, because there are so many. When I remember the, they'll be added,

Sunday Breakfast Post - Easter 2019

He is Risen...REJOICE!!

Unfortunately, this is also true, according to the news out of Sri Lanka. Eight blasts were reported, including at three churches in Negombo, Batticaloa and Colombo's Kochchikade district during Easter services. The Shangri-La, Kingsbury and Cinnamon Grand hotels and one other, all in the capital, were also targeted.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

First Cookout of the Season

The title of this post is a little misleading, because I cookout all year long. Even in the snow and freezing cold, I will clear the snow off the grill and shovel my deck so I can use the grill. There have been times where I cooked out for our annual New Year's Eve bash in sub-zero temperatures and howling wind. But it is the best way to do my marinated sirloin tips for 20+ people.

We bought some boneless/skinless chicken breasts at BJ's yesterday, so we kept a couple out of the freezer to cook today. I used a tasty sweet & smoky rub to prep them. So, after a nice warm spring day doing yard work, it was time to get cooking. I prepped some fresh string beans and put them in a steamer to cook on my grill side burner. Some nice red and yellow baby potatoes were drizzled in olive oil with some salt, pepper, and parsley flakes to roast in the oven (30 minutes at 400F). Everything was timed perfectly so it was all ready at once, and the chicken came out juicy and tender. Since today was also "National Beer Day" I decided to make myself "unfit for duty" for the fire department and wash dinner down with a Sam Adams Cold Snap. There was enough food left over for my wife to make a meal for lunch tomorrow at work, and there was enough left over potatoes after that to make home-fries for breakfast.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program of NON P.C. hate speech. All snowflakes may proceed with freakouts.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ready For The 2019 Riding Season

2008 Honda Goldwing GL-1800HPNA
I spent the last few days getting the bike ready for the upcoming riding season. An oil and filter change, using a genuine Honda oil filter and 4 quarts of Honda HP4S 10W30 full synthetic oil. A complete coolant replacement, using 4.3 quarts of Honda HP Blue coolant (I believe it was the original fluid). A new chip from Garmin will arrive Friday to update the onboard satellite navigation system. The original battery was replaced last September with a Big Crank A.G.M. battery from I knew I was on borrowed time with a 10+ year old battery. Having a 900 pound bike with electronic fuel injection is NOT ever going to "pop-start" like my old bike did. After that, the entire bike was detailed. Cleaned. "clay barred", and waxed with Meguiar's liquid wax. The wheels were cleaned, too.

My bike serves three purposes; first, commuting to and from work. Second, pleasure rides. And third, right after I bought it last Summer, I joined the Patriot Guard Riders. I have done three flag line missions with them, and only one of them involved my bike. I'm looking forward to doing more, because it is a great honor to be part of someone's final send off, and the families are always very appreciative.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A Grim Reminder to the TRAITORS

July 7, 1865
Four co-conspirators of the Lincoln Assassination are dealt justice at the end of a rope.

From well known career Democ-RATS in congress, the deep-state bureaucrats hiding throughout government agencies, the propaganda wing known as the legacy media, and their most vocal of supporters....this photo is no longer a warning to change your behavior. It is a prediction of your end of time on earth, and the restoration of the Constitutional Republic as founded.

Make no mistake.....the last two years are nothing more than a failed "COUP D'ETAT!" All the participants and supporters should be tried before a military tribunal and summarily executed.

Gillette Can Go The Way of Dick's

A little history first; when I started shaving as a teen, I had no interest in putting an
exposed blade of any kind on my face. So, electric shaver it was. I believe it was the
three head Norelco that in the TV ads had Santa riding in the razor head like a sled.
That worked for me until I got ready to ship off to army boot camp. That was no place
to be fooling with something that needed to be re-charged, and was heavy and bulky
in a field pack. So before I went, I got a Gillette Atra twin-blade razor and got used to
it. Blades were readily available at the PX at a reasonable price. I continued to use the
same razor until Atra blades got phased out and became unavailable. I used Trac II
disposables for a little while, and then switched to the Mach 3 disposable. Those were
available in a 20 count pack at BJ's Wholesale Club for $35.99. Good thing they were
20 in a pack, because they didn't seem to last too long.
Fast forward to this past winter, when Gillette followed some idiotic marketing advice
and put out their "toxic masculinity" campaign. This basically insulted 50% of their
customer base, yours truly included. Lucky for me, there was only one razor left in the
pack I already had, and the one in my travel case. When those were used up, I vowed to
switch to Harry's.
I bought a Navy Blue razor and a four-pack of blades at Walmart for about $17. I used it
this morning for the first time and was pleased all around. My only complaint was getting
close under my nose, not knowing about the reverse trim blade until after I was done. So I
guess I really have no complaints!

I realize I may be a little late to the party, but I want everyone to send a message to Gillette.
The same message that was sent to Dick's Sporting Goods. Act like an asshole and insult
your customer base and your shareholders will pay the price for your stupidity.

While you're at it, send a message to Harry's, by purchasing their products and then email
them letting them know how you like their products. Their email address is

Monday, March 25, 2019

Thwart The Sanctuary Designation

Do as I do, and put the following number in your cell phone:

ICE Tip Line (866) 347-2423

Whether you live in a declared sanctuary city or state or not, feel free to call ICE and get any illegals you know of rounded up and deported. 

Take a Hint

Time for all of the anti-gun hoplophobes to take a hint; find their inner "survivor's guilt" and permanently protect themselves from the alleged epidemic of "gun violence."

On the other hand, I will just continue to be armed.

2nd Parkland Suicide in Two Weeks

Sandy Hook Parent Off's Himself at Town Hall

Blaming an innocent group of people for the actions of others, well......Karma can be a bitch!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

First, I like this style of music. Second, it is an awesome tribute to my hero.

Speaking of tributes to my hero....I haven't gotten new ink since 1984. When tattoos stopped being something only bikers and folks in the military got, I said, "NO MORE!" I mean for Christ's sake, my dearly departed Mother had more ink than my Dad, and he was in the Navy! My adult daughter has a bunch as well, including a large one depicting a cartoon dinosaur from the movie "Land Before Time" across her midriff. I currently only have two; on my left bicep is a helmet, sword, and skull & bones with two banners. One banner says "US Army" and the other says "Win Or Die". The one on my right bicep is rose with a banner, the banner reads "Cindy". BTW, we have been together since 1981. Funny, people over the years will ask, "yeah, but what if she....?" My response has always been too bad, it's my ink, it's there forever, and anyone that doesn't like it can take a hike.

So, after I resume a steady income stream, I think I am going to get the following design on either my left shoulder blade, or one of my calves:
The number "4859" was Witold Pilecki's prisoner number in Auschwitz. The eagle is the national symbol of Poland. The dates are his birth in Olonets, Russia, and the date he was executed by the communists that took over Poland while the actual government was in exile in London. I am not sure if this would be the finished product, or just the outline. I would have to discuss my options with a tattoo artist, and then ponder carefully.