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This blog is dedicated to the Life and Service of Captain Witold Pilecki - May 13, 1901 to May 25, 1948

Monday, September 12, 2016

Like MacArthur...."I have Returned"

In order to maintain PERSEC, I did not disclose the exact dates of my great western odyssey, but I am mow back at resistance headquarters from The Free States of America. B.W., your after action report on the roller coasters at Cedar Point is forthcoming. While I have LOTS to write about our trip and experiences, I will make one quick announcement here. We planned on leaving Saturday August 20th by 0700 after a quick breakfast. We did....but on Thursday the 18th at 1400 my dickhead former employer (who decided that it was the best time to) let me go. That's right, less than 48 hours before departure. FUCK `'s their loss! Initially, we thought of cancelling vacation, but since we saved up to go, prepaid reservations,  and they paid me for my vacation time....we went! I waited until today to begin to make plans and take steps for our departure. That's right, we now have NO EXCUSE to stay in this God forsaken hell hole of the PSRK, and I can't wait to see the "Welcome to the PSRK" sign in my rearview mirror for the last time. Don't fret though, I will still write about the PSRK with insight from those I leave behind.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Michael Brian Vanderbeogh - 8/10/2016 - RIP

Mike Vanderbeogh, the firebrand inspiration behind my "activities" and the founder and writer of The Sipsey Street Irregulars, passed away early this morning. His long bout with cancer is over, and he has gone to his eternal rest. Although I never got to meet him in person, his loss to me is still a blow.

Rest In Peace, Brother. You are now in a place free of cares and pain.

Mike on the steps of the PSRK capitol giving one of his fiery pro-Patriot speeches

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Property Ownership Test...Can You Sell It?

I read this op-ed by Jeff Jacoby in my evening newspaper tonight. It echos a sentiment I heard from Dr. Walter E. Williams about property rights when he was substitute hosting the rush Limbaugh Show once. One of the tests of personal property is if you can sell it outright. Some things you can, others will involve state "authorization" or taxation (automobiles, real estate, and in some places firearms). To me, the ultimate piece of private property is my own body. But I guess I don't really own it, because I can not sell blood, skin, bone marrow, a lung, a kidney, etc. Therefore, since I or my estate upon death can not sell my transplant-able organs, they will go with me into the cremation oven intact as God made me. One of the main points Jacoby raises is the fact that everyone involved in the transplant receives payment for services, except the donor or his estate. Not too fair in my humble opinion.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Haters Gonna Hate

NY Post: Man's Homemade Trump Sign Torched

I have stated before, that Trump was not my first choice for presidential candidate. But since he is the last man standing opposing Killary Rotten Clinton, he is my guy. Especially for his 2nd Amendment stance, proposed elimination of GFDZs, and nationwide firearms permit reciprocity.

I am getting sick and tired of peoples 1st Amendment Rights being trampled by these entitled assholes that disagree with your political view. While I certainly shake my head as I drive down the road and see lawn signs promoting the socialists, I would NEVER steal, burn, run over, or otherwise destroy someones personal property on their private property. I respect their right to be a misinformed idiot and tell the world all about it. I have seen this crap first hand in my town. A guy had a Trump sign stapled to a piece of plywood attached to a tree in front of his house. I went by a few days ago and saw only the torn four corners still stapled to the wood. Some offended little shithead SJW tore it down. When I went by it last Friday, he had spray painted Trump's name on the plywood, apparently daring the bastard to try and remove THAT! I had to do a service call today on Cape Cod, and as usual I take the most direct route through Providence to jump on I-195 east. While on Rt. 101 going through Foster, RI, I passed a house with several Trump signs along the road. They were suspended from boards nailed to trees about 12 feet in the air. Apparently he has had trouble with disappearing or destroyed signs, and that's how he put a stop to it.

The anger on the left has hit fever pitch. They all seem to be out of their f@#king minds between this nonsense, black criminals matter, occupy Wall Street, climate change, etc. The latest thing to be offended by in the past couple of days is the Gadsden Flag. The commies are claiming it now to be racist, because the original designer, Christopher Gadsden owned slaves. I am sure it will be a short leap to claim the same of Old Glory because some of The Founding Fathers were also slave owners. 

Fair warning to any SJWs that may be in my vicinity: my Gadsden Flag flies on my lighted flagpole below Old Glory 7/24/365. The sign on the garage door states, "Trespassers WILL Be Shot. Survivors WILL Be Shot Again." Just sayin' is all.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

"And Now For Something Completely Different"

My simple recipe for The Captain's Buffalo Chicken Salad. I just made some for our lunch, and thought I would share it.


One 12.5 oz can of chicken breast (I used Members Mark from BJ's) or equivalent cooked leftover chicken breast
Miracle Whip (use mayo if you prefer, but it won't taste as flavorful)
Frank's Red Hot Sauce (and just like the commercial says, "I put that shit on everything!"

Drain and shred the chicken. Out of the can it is pretty chunky so I break it up fine. Add just enough Frank's to fully coat the chicken to the color of the sauce, without adding too much to make it soggy. I suppose if I were a REAL chef, I would give you exact measurements, but I am not. I believe most of my readers to be intelligent and full of common sense. Then add just enough Miracle Whip to bind it together. I hate getting tuna, chicken, or seafood salad out somewhere that has WAY too much mayo in it. We'll usually make wraps out of this with lettuce and tomato to take on our kayak day trips for lunch.

This week I will probably post more pertinent political info from behind enemy lines, but it is Sunday, The Lord's day of rest, and I am not interested in Trump vs Killary crap at the moment. Or the continuing failure of the PSRK.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Breakfast Post 7-31-16

The wife and I are preparing for a cross-country visit to The Free States of America, towing a camper so we can take the dogs with us. The price to take care of three dogs for the length of time we will be gone would come to about $3000. It is costing half that to rent our friend's camper, and not having to pay air fare (dealing with the dreaded TSA), rental cars and hotels is a big win. More work for sure with the camper, but more money to spend doing things. The best part is the dogs will be with us and properly cared for. Also, they are my alarm system. I will be taking a .357 Magnum revolver with me, since once I get out of NY (only 79 miles across on I-84) I am home free. All of the states we will be going to either honor my PSRK permit, or are Constitutional Carry. I do not see a problem in NY since the gun will be locked away for the duration, and we will not be stopping. We will not spend one penny of vacation money in the PSRK or NY. I usually have enough gas to make it to PA for my first fuel stop.

So where are we headed? Well, believe it or not at our age we are big kids and LOVE amusement parks. We have been to countless amusement and water parks all over the country in our 35 years together. So, the first stop is the premier roller coaster park in the US....Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. With 18 roller coasters to ride, we will get a 2-Day pass and have a blast. We are staying right at their campground, so the dogs will be attended to when we go back for lunch and dinner each day. We have been to Cedar Point before (back in 2006) and have been wanting to go back. From there, an overnight in Rochester, MN and then onto the Black Hills and Bad Lands of South Dakota to see MT. Rushmore and all the other sites. Next to Yellowstone for a few days, then up to Glacier National Park. A visit with relatives in Montana, and then we begin our long trek home with no plans or reservations. Just driving along, seeing interesting items of Americana and stopping when we get tired.

As I am writing this, The TV is on, tuned to the CBS Sunday Morning show, where they are re-running their program about guns in America. While they say they are trying to be impartial, the slant of the stories tries to make gun owners look foolish for wanting to own such dangerous things. Of course, they are running it post Democrap convention for Killary.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Twitter's Liberal Leaning; No Surprise There

I do not follow the Whore of Satan, but Twitter crams certain tweets at your account anyway. So you send me crap I don't want, I shall whack right back at it.

There have been instances lately of right leaning Twitter users getting kicked off permanently for the content of their tweets, supposedly for violating Twitter's rules and standards. I have seen some of them, and they were pretty tame, but the content was definitely to the right. However, the wacky liberals post some of the most vile, hateful, racist, and in some cases promoting violence tweets you'd ever read, and don't even get a temporary suspension. There was an exchange between such a wacko and the lovely Dana Loesch, where this idiot was threatening her and her children with violence. But I guess that's OK because she is a conservative gun owner.

Therefore, I decided to see how long this kind of stuff can go on without The Captain getting spanked.

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Terrorists Hunting Ground

I had to go up to Boston today to meet with a customer. As usual, if I do not need to bring equipment and tools with me, I leave the company car at the Riverside MBTA station in West Newton, MA and take the Greenline "D" Train into the city. Although it takes more time to get in and out of the city, my boss likes not having to pay $45-$60 for parking. Any time over 2 hours and they whack you for parking the entire day. Instead, parking and round trip train fare costs $11.30. I boarded around 08:30 and thought sure I had missed rush hour. Apparently not.

The train picked up passengers at every stop before Kenmore station , where 3 out of the 4 Greenline trains merge onto one track. Being summer time, I knew the sights (meaning beautiful females in warm weather attire) were going to be great, because I got a sample while eating breakfast in my car in the parking lot. DOH! The first female that got on and sat in my field of view was an overweight, unattractive lesbian. I make these assumptions from my observations, based on 40+ years of people watching. The confirmation came in the form of the rainbow decal on the back of her phone. Nothing against fat chicks or lesbians, but come on....did you look in the mirror at least before you ventured out? Lucky for me, as we made our way to the city, the babes started getting on and off, and I could ignore her until she got off at Fenway. As the train started filling up, the buffer seats between passengers already seated had to be used. As it turns out, the one next to me was the last one in my car. A gorgeous 20 (if that) year old Asian girl decided I was harmless enough to take it. As she went to sit down, the train moved forward, and lucky me....she landed in my lap. She was embarrassed and apologized profusely, but I must have had a big stupid grin on my face as I said, "uh, no problem." She remained in that seat the whole time, still glued to her phone when I disembarked at Boylston Street on the Boston Common.

Which brings me to the point of this post. There were probably four people on the entire train, besides myself, that did not have their face buried in a book, newspaper, cell phone or was sleeping. Many of them were wearing earbuds or even full ear covering headphones. I could have stood up with an ice pick in each hand, and walked the length of the train killing just about everyone two at a time. Who would see me or hear any screams? Everyone on the train would be dead and I could just walk off at the next stop. The lack of situational awareness of people is stunning. While at the station, I look up and down the platform, scanning people and the area. While on the platform, my back is to the wall so no one can get behind me for an assault or to push me onto the tracks. I stand at the ticket kiosk at a 45 degree angle so no one sneaks up behind. The whole time I am on an MBTA train, I am awake and looking around. I try to sit or stand at the end of the car, so I can see the whole length. The actions I may need to take would depend on the situation, but I try to formulate plans for different scenarios. At this point, my only defensive weapon is a blade, but it also has a web cutter and a window punch in case the train wrecks and the doors won't open. Eventually I am going to begin disregarding state lines and carry up there as well.